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Here’s Why Lindsay Lohan is ‘A Little Jealous’ of Today’s Young Stars

Lindsay Lohan on the red carpet
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If it feels like the early 2000s are back everywhere you turn (we’re looking at you, Y2K hair and cargo pants), that’s because they are. Need more proof? Our favourite Mean Girl and early-2000s “It girl,” Lindsay Lohan, is returning to our screens with a new Netflix holiday movie, Falling for Christmas, on November 10. And, in a new interview with Cosmopolitan, the newly married former child star opened up about her life then and now — including why she’s a bit jealous of today’s young stars.

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Context for those of us who may not remember the paparazzi-filled celebrity culture of the 2000s: Lindsay Lohan (along with stars like Britney Spears and Paris Hilton) were prime targets for photos and celebrity gossip — and their partying, relationships and mistakes were often put on full display. In a time where social media was non-existent or extremely limited, the public got their messages about celebs’ lives almost entirely from secondary sources. 

In contrast, today anyone is able to instantly share their own story and messaging (for better or for worse) via social media platforms. 

This brings us to Lohan, who is now 36. 

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When asked about her feelings regarding social media, Lohan noted that there’s a lot of it right now, but also pointed out something important about how different celebrity culture is today vs. in the aughts.

“…when I first started out in the business, none of us had a say in how to control our own narrative,” she told Cosmopolitan. “There were paparazzi pictures, and then people ran with it. So I think it’s really good that in this day and age, people can say who they are and who they want to be. And I admire and appreciate that.”

“I’m a little jealous because I didn’t have that. But I think it moves really fast and I just try to keep up as best I can,” Lohan admits, adding that she is careful with what she posts today. “I check everything before I post it. I’ll send it to people. Because you have to.”


While the Cosmopolitan interviewer pointed out that there can also be a downside to social media for famous people today (hence why so many stars are quitting social media), Lohan offered some advice: we all need to slow down and relax.

“You have to take everything people say with a grain of salt and just be you,” she said. “And slow down, because everyone’s so quick right now. People just don’t stop. You’ve got to chill.”

Well said. 

While we’re still hoping for a Freaky Friday sequel, we’re happy to kick off the holiday season with a new, festive Lohan film. 

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