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Don’t Skip on These 3 Things if You Want a Great Marriage Proposal: Research

A woman with an engagement ring

Picture this: you’ve found the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, and now the time has finally come to pop the big question. But how can you ensure it’s perfect? Well, a new study published in the Journal of Family Psychology looked at over 300 accepted and rejected wedding proposals to understand what makes for a great one.

The study’s lead author, Lisa Hoplock, found the three ingredients that make a proposal great: No surprises, a ring and an intimate setting. These factors are all important for making a proposal special, according to Psychology Today.

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Avoid surprising them with a proposal

Sure, it might seem romantic to pop the question when your partner is least expecting it, but according to the study it increases the chances of them saying “no.” However, they did note that this was when the person being asked for their hand in marriage and the person asking had not discussed marriage at all.

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A man putting a ring on fiance

Put a ring on it

Don’t ask someone to marry you without having already picked out a ring, as the research showed that having a ring increased the chances of them saying “yes.” Not only does a ring show that you’ve put thought into making this person your life partner, but the ring you select will show if you know their personal style and taste well. So choose wisely!

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Select an intimate location

While some people might like to be proposed to in a public setting such as a concert or a sporting event, picking a populated spot to ask someone the big question can be very nerve-wracking for them. By selecting a spot that’s more intimate, you can make it a more personal experience. The study found that accepted proposals were more likely to take place in private, so consider asking your partner at the place where you had your first date or your favourite restaurant. Wherever it is, it should make sense for the two of you as a couple.

Now that you have the three things that make for a key proposal, you can start looking at the biggest wedding trends right now.


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