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Chet Hanks Shoots His Shot With Lizzo, and Misses

Lizzo holding a microphone on stage, looking quizzical
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We all mourned with Lizzo when she didn’t score a date with Chris Evans, but we applaud her for shooting her shot. The Grammy winner’s hilarious interaction went viral after she admitted to sending Evans a series of drunken DMs last weekend. “Don’t drink and DM, kids… for legal porpoises [sic] this is a joke,” she captioned on TikTok.

Evans, himself no stranger to embarrassing moments, responded: “No shame in a drunk DM. [kiss emoji] God knows I’ve done worse on this app lol,” apparently referencing the time he accidentally uploaded a nude photo of himself on Instagram last September.

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All said, Lizzo and Evans’ viral encounter was a charming, relatable moment that still has fans buzzing. And then, Chet Hanks entered the chat. That’s right, the attention-seeking (and highly problematic) son of Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson felt it was the perfect moment to insert himself into the conversation – because of course he did.

On Tuesday, Hanks gave Lizzo a shout-out on Instagram following her Evans moment. “[Lizzo] if it don’t work out with Captain America, I’m here, baby,” he wrote. Naturally, he took the time to self-promote, including “WBS” at the end of his message, which references his new single and philosophy, “White Boy Summer.” Although Hanks is positioning himself as an up-and-coming rapper, he’s also an actor who has had recurring roles on Shameless and Empire in the past.

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Not surprisingly, Lizzo has chosen to ignore Hanks’ message – and the silence has been deafening. Last year, he tried a similar flirting tactic on Adele after she posted a bikini pic on Instagram. He later deleted the video post, in which he used a fake Jamaican accent.

Hanks, 30, is currently in the midst of a lawsuit with ex-girlfriend Kiana Parker, who has alleged domestic abuse and is seeking $1 million. He’s also spent the majority of his life in the public eye defending his poor life choices, some of which have been accused as overtly racist. In his music video for “White Boy Summer”, Hanks is seen wrapped in a Jamaican flag and surrounded by weed. He also has a history of using the N-word, claiming he has a right to use it since it’s part of “hip-hop culture.”


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Can we all take a moment to wrap our heads around the fact that this is the son of Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson – philanthropists, talented actors and one of Hollywood’s nicest couples. How did this happen? The other three Hanks kids – Colin, Elizabeth and Truman – aren’t embarrassing in the least.

As journalist Alisha Grauso once tweeted: “You will never convince me that Chet Hanks is anything but an elaborate prank designed by Hollywood execs to test the limits of Tom Hanks’ marketability.”

Something tells us that Chet Hanks has a lifetime of awkward silences ahead of him.

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