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Best Spots to Catch the Perseid Meteor Shower Across Canada This August

Kicking up stargazing to the next level: The Perseids are the most popular annual meteor shower in North America that illuminates the night skies with a brilliant spectacle of meteors zipping by. In 2021, the shower is expected to run from July 17 to August 26. At its peak, on the night of August 12, after midnight and before dawn, stargazers and amateur astronomers can expect to see up to 100 meteors per hour. While you may spot one or two of the meteors at home in the city, light pollution tends to significantly affect visibility. To make the most of the Perseid Meteor Shower, head out to a designated Dark-Sky Preserve or rural area with minimal light pollution. Need some help deciding where to watch? From British Columbia to Newfoundland, here are the 10 best spots to catch the Perseids from coast to coast across Canada this August.

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