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8 Reasons We Know Cameran Eubanks Will Be a Great Mom

8 Reasons We Know Cameran Eubanks Will Be a Great Mom

Things are about to get a whole not more ‘charming’ for Cameran Eubanks. Earlier this spring, Southern Charm‘s Cameran announced she and husband Jason are expecting a baby girl.

As fans of Southern Charm know, Cameran has long struggled with whether or not to have kids. We’ve even seen her squirm with her friends’ babies, holding them awkwardly like precious little footballs.

But we’ve got full confidence in Cameran. She’s going to be a great mom!

Here are just a few of the reasons why we think she’s got the stuff for motherhood…

She’s already a total mother hen

From the very first episode of SC, it was clear Cameran was the mother hen of the group. She’s the constant confidant for nearly every members of the cast; always ready with a healthy dose of advice and a shoulder to lean on.

Cameran’s that one friend in every clique who does a headcount before heading out to the bar. She’s the type to slip a water into your hand when you had one too many, and she’s also the one there the next morning, holding your hair back while you puke. (Both important qualities in this group!)

cameran mom 5Photo: Twitter

She’s already taken care of Shep for years

Most of all, Cameran’s been a buddy-slash-mother figure to Shep. She always looks out for him and has his best interests at heart, providing counsel, plus the occasional rhetorical slap upside the head.

She’s done a stand up job of keeping our fave man-child in line, so we’re sure she’s well prepped for a real baby-aged baby of her own. If she can handle Shep, she’s got this.

cameran mom 4

She’s thought long and hard about motherhood

On SC, we’ve seen Cameran be totally honest about her uncertainty over whether or not she wanted a child – and, importantly, whether she’d make a good mother.

Plenty of women stumble into motherhood too early (Teen Mom, anyone?), or for the wrong reasons. We don’t count Cameran’s doubts as a strike against her. They’re actually proof she knows what a big deal motherhood is, and she didn’t decide to take it on until she’d done the necessary work on herself to go in fully prepared.


She’s at a great age for motherhood

In terms of Southern standards, Cameran hit all of life’s milestones a little late. She didn’t marry until 30 and she’ll be nearly 34 by the time she has her first kid.

Though that may be late by comparison to other Southern belles (her Peter Pan-ish male counterparts, clearly, are judged by a different – and distinctly sexist – Southern standard), 34 is a great age to tackle motherhood. Cameran has settled into her career, travelled, experienced plenty of what life has to offer, and had a chance to experience married life sans kids.

She knows who she is, is financially stable, and has lived enough to not look back with any regrets of missing out. She’s ready!
cameran mom 1

Photo: Twitter

She has a strong support system around her

They say it takes a village to raise a child, but in Cameran’s case, it will be more like the whole city of Charleston raising her kid. She’s got a strong family ties, a great mom, plus wonderful friends. You just know that kid is going to get killer birthday presents from Patricia, and she’s got a full reserve of pals on deck to lend a hand when she needs one. She even has plans for Whitney to babysit!

She already has babies in her life

cameran mom 3
Photo: Twitter

For a long time, Cameran was petrified to hold her friends’ babies (usually to great comedic effect), but she’s not got plenty of kids in her life, from adorable tiny relatives to the children of cast mates like Jennifer and Kathryn.

The shock of having to hold a baby without dropping them has surely worn off by now…right, Cameran?
cameran mom 2


Photo: Twitter

Her hubby can’t wait to be a dad

This one’s no secret: having kids is easier when your partner pitches in. It seems like Cameran has this one covered with her husband Jason. He was the one who wanted kids all along, while Cameran was initially hesitant. Do you remember when Cameran revealed to her therapist that Jason said his life would “have less meaning” if he didn’t have kids?

Those are the words of a man who’s not afraid of diaper duty – at least we hope they are, for Cameran’s sake.

cameran mom 7

Photo: Twitter

She’s already nursed plenty of food babies

This, my friends, is not a pregnancy shot. It’s from last summer, way before Cameran was pregnant. It’s a food baby! So even if she’s not all-the-way prepared for motherhood, she certainly got a good jump on preparing for pregnancy!

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