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Why Lydia Is Such a Great Housewife to Bring Back

Why Lydia Is Such a Great Housewife to Bring Back

Let’s be real: when Lydia McLaughlin’s return to the Real Housewives of Orange County was announced, it was, at least at first pass, a bit of a head scratcher.

Unlike the returns of OG Housewives titans like Bethenny Frankel and Nene Leakes, Lydia spent just one season as a Housewife. When she decided not to return for season nine, most fans assumed she’d go down in the books as a One Season Wonder.

No way. Lydia returns alongside Tamra, Vicki and co. for season 12 of RHOC, and as we saw in the trailer, she’s not pulling any punches – especially when it comes to Shannon Beador, who she gets into it with this season.

We’ve always had a soft spot for Lydia and can’t wait to see how she meshes with the current pack of O.C. Housewives.

Here’s a friendly reminder of who Lydia is and why she’s the perfect OC Housewife to return to the show.

Lydia already knows the ladies

Lydia 2

Plenty has changed since Lydia left RHOC, but she already has relationships with two of the show’s star players, Vicki and Tamra. She already spent a season getting to know them – and she and Tamra stayed in touch after she left the show.

Housewives thrives on real relationships, so Lydia’s established connection with V + T is a major point in her favour. She’s also remained friendly with the other former O.C. ladies, like Gretchen and Alexis, so we have our fingers crossed even more of our old O.C. faves may soon swing by for cameos.

She’s got a super cute husband

Lydia 1
Photo: Twitter

After the Brooks era of RHOC (it’s finally over, right?), it’s high time we get another cutie in the O.C. Eddie can’t do all the heavy lifting! Doug is just the guy – he’s dapper, charming and mild mannered, which is necessary pallet cleanser from the O.C.’s history of nasty husbands and boyfriends (we’re looking at you, Brooks, Simon and Jim).

Her pot smoking mom is a magical unicorn

Lydia 3

Lydia has a Manic Pixie Dream Mom named Judy Stirling who is a total delight. She’s right up there with Mama Elsa from RHOM on our list of favourite Housewives parents. Judy calls herself a “flower fairy” and believes she was once a tree. Basically, she’s perfect.


Lydia’s big return = Judy’s big return.

Lydia 4
Photo: Twitter

RHOC needs a new Switzerland

Screen Shot 2017-07-07 at 11.13.56

Remember how Lydia used to call herself “The Friendship Whisperer”? Well the O.C. could use a soft talking to right now. The battle lines have been clearly divided: Tamra and Shannon vs. Vicki and Kelly. The group is in desperate need of someone without an alliance to act as a bridge between the two teams and Lydia may be just the woman for the job.

Lydia was first introduced as a friend of Alexis, but she didn’t shy away from her pal’s foes. On season eight, Lydia judged each of the ladies based on her own experiences. If she can maintain that spirit walking into this divided group, she may be able to finally start mending some fences.

She has an adorable family

Lydia 6
Photo: Twitter

We’re not going to lie, we’re going to miss Coco and the rest of Heather’s kids. Every Housewives city needs a little kiddie cuteness and Lydia has three boys we can’t wait to see. They were tiny tykes when we last saw them, but Roman, Stirling and Maverick are growing up fast and are sure to bring some hilarious family antics to the table this year.

Lydia 7Photo: Twitter

She and Doug have their own magazine, Noble Man

Lydia 8
Photo: Twitter

Do you remember when Lydia and Doug told Heather and Terry they weren’t famous enough to be on the cover of their magazine, Beverly Hills Lifestyle? The shade!

Well, the couple now has a new title, Noble Man. Matt Damon was a recent cover star, so something tells us none of the O.C. men well be gracing the front of this mag any time soon. Sorry boys!


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