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Who’s Queen Bee of RHOT?

Who’s Queen Bee of RHOT?

Every clique needs a leader, and every Real Housewives franchise needs a Queen Bee. New York has Bethenny, Beverly Hills has Lisa Vanderpump, and New Jersey has Teresa.

Who will rise to that top spot on the newly mounted Real Housewives of Toronto? We’re about to find out.

 All season long, we’ll be keeping tabs on the RHOT to see which wife will host the most fabulous parties, show off the best wardrobe, and emerge victorious from the inevitable quarrels. (Watch the first episode here)

Each week we’ll pick a new Queen Bee, because in the Housewives universe, one week you’re it and the next week you’re out.

Here’s how it shook out this week:


Has a spa-worthy indoor pool +2
AND an outdoor pool +3
Owns *a few* cottages in Muskoka +4
Preoccupied with a situation with Ann that Ann didn’t seem to care about -2

Joan’s a sweetheart. Maybe even a little too sweet for the cutthroat Housewives universe. One thing is certain, though: we cannot wait to get the full tour of her private island.

Running total: +7


Started a super successful fitness movement +4
Trains superstar athletes. Joga Bros! +1
Uses the word “influencer” -2

Divorced but has a roster of “friends” who fulfil her romantic needs +3

Jana’s got business chops. She’s a boss lady! She can definitely hold her own in the boardroom – and the gym – but will she be able to do the same when the start-of-the-season pleasantries turn into catfights?

Running total: +6


Featured in the all-important centre position of the opening credits +10
Her parents are the Lord and Lady of Edingale +5
…but we can’t find anything about the Lord and Lady online -6

Kara’s full of fabified Christian wisdom:
“God wants me to be fabulous”
“God is like: Come on, guys, let’s party!”
“The higher the heel, the closer to God”
Hung up on the great face hickey of 2002 -4
Makes a poor first impression on the rest of the cast -5

Kara came in strong. She’s in the middle in the opening credits! And she got loads of screen time. But her poor impression on the other ladies is going to be hard to recover from.


Who knows, though? Being pushed to the outs of the clique has actually helped Housewives gain popularity in other cities. (See: Brandi Glanville.) Or she could even go full vill, like season three Jill Zarin. Wouldn’t that be delicious?

Running total: +5


A Quebecois Housewife! +2

Grew up on French Canadian TV +4

Everyone backs her up when Kara ices her out her out +2

Grego gives good face. Every reaction is overblown and every expression is GIF-able. She’s got the spark that makes good television.

Running total: +8


Roxy’s the first Housewife we meet +5

Her husband flew in 50,000 roses for their wedding. Very chic +4

Her dog has a private chef +2

And a “puppy nanny” +2
She doesn’t wash her own hair +2

Roxy is everything. It’s about time we got a Housewife who wears her curves with such vivacity. Roxy knows exactly what she’s working with and she is WORKING IT. She’s a more is more girl and we want more, more, more of it.  

Roxy’s the sparkle of this cast.

Running total: +15

This week’s Queen Bee: Ann


has the best tagline: “Why be a gold digger when you can own the mine?” +5
Hosts the first party of the season +5
Boss lady of a finance company +3
Married to a plastic surgeon +2

Her husband’s practice gave one of the other ladies a face hickey -3

Everyone’s concerned with making a good impression on her +4

All anyone seems to care about this week is Ann. Was Ann offended the last time Joan saw her? Will Kara offend her at the procedure party? Will Ann think Roxy’s a gracious guest?

Ann clearly has power over these women. Whether that’s via a reputation that precedes her, or the promise of a little free filler from her husband, well, we’ll just have to wait another week to see.


Running total: +16

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