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Who’s Queen Bee of RHOT? Episode 7 recap

Who’s Queen Bee of RHOT? Episode 7 recap

The simmering feud between Joan and Kara came to a head on RHOT this week. But the betting pool the rest of the ladies had on who would come out on top said it all: four bets for Joan, none for Kara.

We wouldn’t be putting that money on the table just yet, though. Never underestimate a Housewives dark horse.

(Before we jump in, make sure you’re caught up on the last episode’s Queen Bee)

Here’s how it all shook out this week:


+2 Kara’s pals are A) super rich B) serious social players

-2 Kara thinks injectables are “the new Snapchat”

-3 Kara tries to re-sell Joan on the Ambi gala mid-feud

-2 No one bets on Kara in the battle of Kara vs. Joan

-5 Kara’s skipping out on Barcelona

Kara bailing on Barcelona is the worst move she could have made. When she turned down the invitation, she sealed her fate as the topic of gossip the whole trip.

She did manage to put a Band-Aid on her simmering feud with Joan, but how long until it’s forcefully pulled of?

Stretch it out, Kara. Things are about to get even more uncomfortable.

Total: -10


+2 Roxy’s dog has her own chef

+3 Roxy invented Cher Horowitz’s closet for the Airbnb age

-2 Joan doesn’t trust Roxy’s word and ends up shooting the messenger

Roxy may have misfired slightly when she told Grego and Jana about the things Kara has been saying about Joan rather than going to straight to her with the dirt. But who could have predicted Joan would shoot the messenger rather than hearing Roxy out?

That said, the endgame for Roxy still seems strong – most of the ladies are on her side, while Kara is on the outs.

Total aside: How hilarious was Roxy’s impression of Stephen’s procedure model?


Total: +3


+2 Grego’s fan game is on point

-2 Grego and Jana are going to bat for Joan, but don’t know Kara has been dissing their behaviour, too

We nearly made Grego Queen Bee just for her fan skills. Seriously, look how at her giving the ladies in a lesson in how it’s done:


-2 Grego and Jana are going to bat for Joan, but don’t know Kara has been dissing their behaviour, too

+2 Jana welcomes the other ladies into her Joga Girl squad

+1 Jana’s got ladyballs! She’s first to agree to be a procedure model in Barcelona

Jana’s queen of the charity golf circuit! She’s got a good thing going: she’s giving back while selling herself and her company, all well surrounding herself with famous athletes. Sure beats begging your pals to drop $25K on a gala table…

Total: +1


+3 Jana and Grego are ride or die for Joan

-2 Joan immediately turns on Roxy instead of aiming her sword at Kara

+2 Everyone bets on Joan, while no one bets on Kara

The odds are clearly on Joan in this whole Kara vs. Joan mess. All the ladies love her, plus she’s got Joan and Grego riding for her hard. Joan is diplomatic in handling the situation, but biting back at Roxy isn’t a cute look.

It’s fine for her to be suspicious of the source, but she snapped at Roxy before Roxy even got a chance to get her side of the story out.

Total: +3


+2 Kara wants Ann her squad

+1 Ann wears locally sourced broccoli as an accessory

+3 Ann pops in to New York for two and a half hour shopping trips

+2 And she flies to Tokyo for dinner


+1 She dresses liked the dancing lady emoji come to life

+2 She tries to start a betting pool on Kara vs. Joan

Ann gets better and better each episode. She’s comfortable in any situation, from fishing to high tea to the boardroom. But she never hides her quirky sense of humour or conforms for the situation around her.

Plus, she’s the reason we’re headed to Barcelona next week, so obviously she’s our Queen Bee. Viva la Ann!

See you in Spain next week!

Total: +10

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