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What to Expect on Season 9 of ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’

What to Expect on Season 9 of ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’


It’s about to go down in the ATL. We’re just days away from the premiere of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, and we can already feel several storms brewing.

From the duel between Kenya’s Moore Manor and Sheree’s Chateau Sheree to a scorned lover and a divorce that made tabloid headlines, there’s been too much drama in Atlanta to keep up with.

To get ready for the upcoming season, we searched through the gossip blogs and social media to see what the RHOA ladies have been up to since we last saw them.

Here’s what to expect this season:

RHOA 9 1Photo: Instagram

Sheree got her peach back

She by Sheree is back, baby! After earning her stripes last season as a guest player, the original RHOA Housewife is back full-time, holding her peach this season.

And – no surprise – she’s already picked up on the feud she started with Kenya last season.

RHOA 9 4

Chateau Sheree vs. Moore Manor

Finally, after five (!) years of construction, Sheree’s new home – Chateau Sheree – is finished. Well, it’s finished enough for Sheree to have thrown a housewarming, but there’s also murmurs that it’s not quite as complete as Sheree would like us to believe.

The battle of the new Atlanta homes will be front and centre at the start of this season, when we finally get a proper peek into Kenya and Sheree’s new homes. And expect the pettiness to continue: in the trailer, we see Kenya checking Sheree, claiming Sheree’s mother is really the owner of “Chateau Thelma.”

RHOA 9 5

From the outside glimpses we’ve seen so far, we’re #TeamTwirl in the house battle. Sheree’s home is big, but it’s just an average McMansion. Kenya’s place, meanwhile, is sleek and modern and nicely tucked away from the street, surrounded by trees.

RHOA 9 6

Plus, have you seen Kenya’s bathroom? She has a self-cleaning, automated toilet and bidet that heats the floor under the seat.


We’ll stay in the guest room at Moore Manor, thank you.

RHOA 9 2

Kim Fields was a one-season-wonder

While Sheree is back in full force this season, Kim Fields is riding off into the Housewives sunset. It’s probably for the best – Kim was sweet, but she when it came down to it, she wasn’t ready to get into it with the other Housewives, or put herself in the line of fire.

RHOA 9 3Photos: Instagram

No Kim or Nene, either

This one we’re a little bummed about: after eight years, we’re finally going to have a Nene-less season of RHOA. We were hoping she’d swing back for a cameo, but it looks like that’s not in the cards this season. Maybe next year? We have a feeling Nene won’t be able to stay away from RHOA forever.

And despite the rumours we’d heard from none other than Nene herself, Kim Zolciak-Biermann isn’t coming back to the show, either.

RHOA 9 8

The end of Cynthia and Peter

As fans of RHOA know, Cynthia and Peter separated in June. While the relationship had its ups and downs, the final straw in the marriage came this spring. This season we’ll see what led to the separation, and how the couple is dealing with the divorce.

RHOA 9 7
Photo: Instagram

Kandi has a new restaurant

Kandi may just have surpassed Phaedra as the Housewife with the most gigs ever. From singer and songwriter to TV and music producer, to sex toy mogul and web show host, Kandi does does it all, and her latest venture is a restaurant. Called Old Lady Gang, the restaurant will serve southern cooking and is, of course, inspired by Mama Joyce and Kandi’s aunts.

RHOA 9 10

Kenya has a new romance – but it goes awry quickly

Last season we met Kenya’s boo Matt Jordan in Jamaica. This season things start off well for the new couple, but they quickly get heated – and scary.


In the trailer, we see someone who appears to be Matt smashing the windows in Kenya’s garage.

RHOA 9 11

It sounds like the couple has since broken up. According to TMZ, the couple split following another altercation in Mexico in May, during which Kenya locked the hotel door and Matt broke it down.

RHOA 9 12

Is Kandi a lesbian??

Leave it to Marlo, perhaps our favourite Housewives featured player, to show up at and stir the pot with a question that seemingly no one was asking: is Kandi a lesbian? In the trailer, we see Marlo ask Kandi directly during a dinner, which had us like: ??? ?!?

…But, maybe there’s something to it: we also see Porsha claiming Kandi and her husband Todd invited Porsha and her friend back to their house…for a little Bedroom Kandi?

We cannot wait to see how this turns out.


Watch the full trailer:

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