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What to Expect on Season 5 of ‘Vanderpump Rules’

What to Expect on Season 5 of ‘Vanderpump Rules’


Pour yourself a PUMP-tini, because we’re headed back to West Hollywood for another season of Vanderpump Rules.

It has been a minute since we’ve seen our favourite SUR-vers, and there has been a marriage, a string of reconciliations and even murmurs of a spinoff since the cameras stopped rolling on season four, so we hunted through social media and the gossip blogs to find out what the cast of VPR has been up to.

Here’s what to expect this season on Vanderpump Rules:

Tom and Katie’s Wedding

Screen Shot 2016-10-23 at 19.38.46Photo: Instagram

Tom and Katie got hitched! Katie wore a Zuhair Murad gown and they had the ceremony at a boutique hotel tucked away in the woods in Nevada. The ceremony was filmed for the show, so expect it to be a big event this season. Most of the cast was there and several of their longtime co-stars stood up with the couple as part of the wedding party.

Even better: the ceremony was officiated by none other than LVP herself. Can you imagine?

vpr what to expect 12

…But There Was Trouble Before Heading Down The Aisle

vpr what to expect 13

It may have been a Pinterest-worthy wedding, but this is VPR, so no one gets to be happy before shedding a few tears. We know from previous seasons Tom and Katie still have some unresolved issues, and in the trailer we see Tom talking about how he’s still afraid of commitment.

Then it gets worse: Tom says that when Katie “goes to the dark side” it’s scary as hell and Katie accuses him of having a dick that doesn’t work.

Oh, boy. This is going to be one interesting trip down the aisle.

A Joint Bachelor / Bachelorette Party In New Orleans

vpr what to expect 6
Photo: Instagram

The whole cast heads down to New Orleans this season ahead of the big wedding for a joint bachelor / bachelorette party. We know how this crew gets when they party, so we’re expecting it to get messy. They’ll be lucky if they arrive back at LAX without anyone having gotten arrested.

Also: we don’t know how the bachelor side of the party led to Tom and Tom kissing, but we’re into it.


vpr what to expect 14

Stassi Is Back In Everyone’s Good Graces

vpr what to expect 2
Photo: Instagram

Stassi spent the better part of last season on an apology tour, trying to win back her old friends. It took a solid two years, but the gang is back together. Stassi’s even good with Jax again – they recorded an episode of Stassi’s podcast together this summer.

Lisa’s still not convinced Stassi’s sincere, but Stassi seems to have managed to regain her status as Queen Bee of VPR without her blessing.

James and Lala vs. Everyone

vpr what to expect 15
Photo: Instagram

With Stassi’s friendships on the mend, we need a new villain, and our money is on James and Lala. In season four, these two were already on the outs of the core SUR clique. In the trailer, we see James shouting about how everyone’s a bunch of assholes, which is probably what leads Lisa to give him yet another verbal spanking, telling him he‘s turning into an asshole.

Katie, meanwhile, calls Lala a whore to her face, and Kristin tells everyone Lala is dating a married man (she denies it), so, yeah: the slut shaming of Lala is going to carry over into the new season.

If you want to see how far on the outs Lala and James are with the rest of the cast, look no further than the cast photo Jax and Kristen posted on social media:

vpr what to expect 8

Then take a look at the actual cast photo:

vpr what to expect 9

As far as Jax and Kristen are concerned, James and Lala might as well not even be a part of the cast. And, soon enough, Lala won’t be. Though she’s part of the current cast, Lala tweeted in August that she’s quit the show.

Brittany Is Finally A SUR-ver

vpr what to expect 3
Photo: Instagram


Lisa shot Jax’s girlfriend down for a job at SUR twice, but that’s because she thought she wouldn’t stick around long. And, fair enough: we didn’t either.

But Brittany has proven to be in it for the long haul with Jax, and Lisa has finally broken down and given her a job as a waitress at the restaurant. So expect see a lot more of Brittany this season – there have even been rumours of a potential spinoff featuring the couple.

While that is potentially in the works, could the TV gods also toss us a VPR / Southern Charm crossover? Stassi has struck some pretty serious friendships with the SC cast and recently visited them in Charleston.

We’re totally shipping Stassi and Shep as a couple:

vpr what to expect 11

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