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What to Expect on Season 3 of #LadiesofLondon

What to Expect on Season 3 of #LadiesofLondon

Pour yourself a steaming cup of tea, because we’re headed back to London.

We’re just days away from the season three premiere of Ladies of London and plenty has changed since our last trip across the pond.

To get ready for the November 29 premiere, we dug through social media and the gossip blogs to see what the cast has been up to since we last saw them.

Here’s what to expect this season on Ladies of London:

There’s a new Lady in town

lol s3 1
Photo: Instagram

Meet Adela King, the newest addition to Ladies of London. Adela’s old friends with Caroline Stanbury and well known on the London social scene. She’s also friendly with Claudia Schiffer, whose husband Matthew is an old school friend of Adela’s husband.

Adela isn’t a London native – she was born in Costa Rica and lived in Florida before moving to London for boarding school. She married into the British way of life when she got together with a U.K. businessman, Chester King. The couple has two children together.

Adela’s no stay-at-home housewife. She’s a fashion designer who owns the maternity clothing line 9 London and the shoe wear label Adela King Boots. And, if that weren’t enough, she recently started to model at the age of 42.

Annabelle Neilson has left the show

lol s3 2

After two seasons on the show, Annabelle Neilson has moved on from Ladies of London. The original cast member clashed with the show’s queen bee Caroline Stanbury last season and it’s little surprise she’s not returning after saying she regrets ever having Caroline near her.

We’re going to miss Annabelle’s dry presence on the show – in part for her biting wit, but also because this means we’ve seen the last of her showing off her wardrobe of designs by her late BFF Alexander McQueen.

Sophie’s no longer a Stanbury

lol s3 3
Photo: Instagram


Last season we were introduced to Caroline’s longtime friend and sister-in-law, Sophie Stanbury. Caroline set Sophie up with her brother, Alex, and the couple went on to wed and have two children. But now Sophie has split from Alex, which has sparked tensions between the two women.

In the trailer, Caroline and Sophie have a serious sit down where Caroline tells her she can’t trust her anymore. It seems like when you’re on the outs with the Stanburys, you might be totally excommunicated.

Caroline’s last days in London?

lol s3 4

Say it isn’t so! Caroline’s husband has a new gig and her whole family is headed to Dubai. What will London be without its queen?? (Well, our personal British queen.)

Luckily, it sounds like the move is only temporary. Caroline told The Daily Dish she plans to be back and forth between Dubai and London and eventually plans to return to England full time.

“We kept the house, which is where we’ll end up. We’ve only rented it out,” she said. “This is just a temporary adventure.”


The move also stirs up drama among the cast. In the trailer, we see Caroline talking about the move with her makeup artist, who tells her there are rumours she’s “running away from something” – and that she has tax problems. We don’t expect Caroline to take kindly to that kind of gossip.

Is Julie coming for Caroline’s crown?

lol s3 5

With Caroline headed to Dubai, who will watch the throne? It looks like it might be Julie, who’s taking over her family estate, Mapperton, this season. In the trailer, we hear Julie say, “It’s one thing being queen bee in this country. It’s another thing being queen bee with a title.”

Is that high-level shade we detect from Viscountess Hinchingbrooke?


Marissa’s pregnancy

lol s3 6

This season we’ll see the final weeks of Marissa’s pregnancy. Towards the end, it was a troublesome pregnancy, with Marissa worried about potential bleeding, but…spoiler alert! She had a healthy baby girl named Sadie whose been blowing up Instagram since she was born.

lol s3 7
Photo: Instagram

Maybe Sadie will be a future Lady of London someday?

Watch the full trailer:

Ladies of London returns Tuesday, November 29! 

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