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What is Micro-Cheating and Are You Guilty of it?

We know it’s wrong to cheat, sure, but what about all the little actions that don’t quite amount to cheating (yet), though still problematic? Called micro-cheating, this type of indiscretion flickers near the boundaries of your relationship without actually crossing the line. Think of it as physical and emotional cheating’s younger cousin.

While that line depends on each couple (or throuple), some things remain consistent in all micro-cheating scenarios. It can happen on impulse or simply for some extra excitement, but there is always a betrayal of trust and a degree of deception. Plus, you’ve started on that slippery slope of investing an inappropriate amount of time, energy and mental space in a person other than your partner. It’s about seeking or creating small opportunities to connect with that other person in a way that is more charged and sexually-tinged than a platonic friendship.

So how do you know if you’re guilty of micro-cheating? Read on to find out.

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