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We Tried Fresh Beauty Products and Here’s What We Found

fresh skincare products

As we cross our fingers that we can venture outdoors and return to our “normal” in the near future, we’ve taken the at-home opportunity to revive (or recalibrate) our skincare routine as we prep to reintegrate into society. We just tried a variety of  fresh skincare products, from double cleansers to face masks. Here’s what we thought.

Tracey Moore

Tracey’s celebrating this no-rinse cleansing treatment

Double-cleansers, rejoice! This Kombucha no-rinse cleansing treatment fits right into my skincare routine, right in between my regular cleanser and toner. Not only does it remove those extra bits of makeup (even on your eyes), but it’s a pollutant remover, protecting you from those environmental factors you just can’t control. When I get to the second step in my double-cleansing routine, I want my cleansing product to wipe my skin completely clean until there’s nothing left for my cotton pad to pick up. I put this treatment to the test and it does just that with only a few swipes. I’ll be saying goodbye to my usual micellar water and putting this product in its place.

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Madison holding up her fresh lychee lip balm

Madison is adding this lip balm to her minimalist routine

As someone who likes to keep their makeup routine simple, a good lip balm is always my go-to when I want some shine and colour, but nothing overpowering. fresh’s SUGAR Hydrating Lip Balm in ‘Lychee’ is the perfect Summertime addition to your simplified, lightweight makeup routine. Not only does it smell amazing (seriously, I need a list of Summer cocktails with Lychee STAT!) it’s also super moisturizing. It’s scarily easy to neglect your lips while you’re out in the sun, but Fresh’s lip balm offers you hydration that lasts 24 hours – just make sure to also apply SPF!

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Lydia Hrycko

Lydia’s cool for the summer with fresh’s Rose Face Mask

After long days in the sun, my skin was feeling parched and looking uneven and red. Enter fresh’s Rose Face Mask, a soothing gel formula that’s instantly cooling on the skin. Not only did my skin feel softer and more hydrated after a quick five-10 minute treatment, it looked less uneven and red. I absolutely love treating my skin to a face mask weekly (it’s a Sunday tradition) and this one gets a thumbs up from me! It’s the perfect post-sunny park day product to add to your daily or weekly routine to revive your summer skin.

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Dragana holding up the fresh damask rose moisturizer

Dragana is fighting dryness with this damask rose moisturizer

I’m always looking for products that will help keep my thirsty skin moisturized, and fresh’s Rose & Hyaluronic Acid Deep Hydration Moisturizer delivers. It’s a good option to add to your skincare arsenal, with a formula that targets dryness in a multifaceted way: a duo of hyaluronic acids that penetrates the skin at different levels and damask rose extract that locks it in. I loved that although the cream was rich, my skin drank it right up, leaving it feeling smooth and taut.

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