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‘Tip-flation’ is Real in Ontario — This Is How Much The Average Tip is Right Now

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Most people have felt the changes in prices for many items thanks to inflation. From shrinking packages (shrinkflation) to wasted food (shelflation), rising costs have impacted a number of everyday products and services, with tipping being no exception. While the costs of living have been climbing for Canadians, some people might be surprised to learn that Ontarians are actually tipping more than they did before the pandemic, according to a new survey.

Fifty-three per cent of Ontario residents are tipping more when they go out to eat than before COVID-19, tipping an average of 18.9 per cent, as reported in CTV News. Compared to the rest of the country, Ontario tips almost 10 per cent higher, according to an Angus Reid survey.

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It could be due to Ontarians having a median net worth of $434,500 that they’re willing to open their wallets and support restaurant staff, however, some experts say it’s also due to the recognition of a labour shortage in the food industry.

“People realize or have now realized how hard restaurant employees work. They want to recognize that, especially now that you see that there’s a labour shortage, and the staff is working that much harder,” James Rilett, Restaurants Canada’s central vice president, told CTV News Toronto.

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In June, Statistics Canada reported that 64 per cent of businesses in food services as well as accommodation services said they would face labour shortages in the following three months. And according to additional data analyzed by CBC News, people are continuing to leave the food service industry as wages have seen little growth in that sector.

So while restaurants continue to be understaffed, it’s a good reminder to Ontarians to keep being kind to the people who work hard to feed us and to continue supporting them with our tips.


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