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TikTok is Ruining Your Sleep, Study Finds

Woman sleeping with an eye mask beside her cellphone

We all know that lots of screen time before bed is a sure way to keep you from winding down at night and eventually falling asleep. Whether you’re watching TV or staying up to look at YouTube videos, there are a number of digital culprits that can have you happily partaking in revenge bedtime procrastination. However, according to a new study, TikTok takes the cake when it comes to ruining your sleep, as it’s the most disruptive app to your sleep sched.

Sleep Junkie conducted a study on the subject and discovered that TikTok users took approximately one hour and seven minutes to fall asleep after using the video app. After falling asleep, users spent only 14 per cent of their night in the REM phase – the time when you do most of your dreaming. REM sleep is important to keep your brain sharp – it’s when your mind works to retain your memories. However, 14 per cent is around only half of the recommended amount for adults, meaning you’re not getting nearly enough.

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Participants who did not spend time on their phone before heading to bed had a significantly higher amount of REM sleep at 23 per cent.

Experts recommend around 20 to 25 per cent of REM sleep each night — meaning that if you want a better night’s sleep, you’ll have to break up with TikTok before bedtime. Power down your phone or laptop before bedtime, and instead try listening to some calming music or reading a book.

If you’re still having a hard time getting some shut-eye, try eating some of these foods to help you fall asleep faster.

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