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This is How She Does It: Ashley Docking Talks Making It As a Woman in Sports Media


This is How She Does It takes you behind-the-scenes of the lives of Canadian entrepreneurs and professionals charting new territory in their careers. They reveal the stories behind their triumphs as they take on the worlds of business, art, gaming and more. Watch as they give us a tour of their homes, get real about their careers and finances as well discuss the unique challenges they face as trailblazers.

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Meet Ashley Docking: a Toronto-based sports broadcaster and professor teaching broadcasting in new digital media

Ashley Docking is taking us behind-the-scenes of her home and talking about what it means to be a woman in sports broadcasting in 2022. While the co-host of OLG Game Plan and Complex Canada’s book review club, Feeling MyShelf, hasn’t always had it easy in an area typically dominated by male colleagues, she did understand that it needn’t be a zero-sum game with her presence costing someone else the same job opportunity. “For me the answer is simply, pull up a chair,” says Docking. Taking the path less travelled has also meant that the accomplished university athlete has understood the value of hard work and hustle. 

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I had to work hard every day and prove that I was worth remembering.

“I wasn’t recruited. There was no one knocking at my door to come and play for their program. I had to work hard every day and prove that I was worth remembering. And I feel like I take that into broadcasting as well,” says Docking.

As for her inspiration? “I think I get that from my mom, who works really hard to get to where she [is]. She’s a vice president of a banking institution. She didn’t even go to college. She just worked her way up. My grandma who was a single mom from a small Caribbean island and she came to Canada by herself to make a life for her and my father. And so when you see women like that working hard under really tough circumstances, you want to make sure you take advantage of the opportunities they provided for you.” 

Find out more about Docking and how she got to where she is in the video, as well as at OLG Game Plan.  



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