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These 15 Snacks are Ruining Your Skin

Quarantine, social distancing and 2020 as a whole has been a perfect formula for stress. A lack of motivation, anxiety, and insomnia are just some of the results. To add to this growing list of health concerns is how our skin is being affected by all the foods we are consuming. This food consumption includes the snacks, the late night eating, and for some, the binge-eating. Turning to food, also known as stress-eating, is a typical response when dealing with stressful situations. And when you’re stressed out it’s much easier to pop open a bag of oil-fried potato chips than it is to turn to a healthier alternative and bake a sheet of kale chips. Eating junk food is inevitably taking a toll on our bodies and our appearance, so we are breaking down how these 15 foods are actually ruining your skin.

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