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20 Best Jobs for Single Moms in Canada

Ask any parent, and they will likely tell you that the most fulfilling and satisfying job they will ever undertake is raising, loving, caring and providing for their child. Now add on a job on top of that. And just when you thought that was hard work — add that with doing it alone and things just got real.

Even if you are a single mom and do have support around you, it’s still not easy — yet it’s easy to feel alone. Because in the end, you’re responsible for everything family-related. And without that constant help from a partner, that’s a big responsibility for one person to carry.

Balancing work with duties at home is never easy, especially when you’re accountable for the majority of the finances — but there are jobs out there that are ideal for single moms. They’re hard to find, especially when you need it to fit around your schedule, and it might not be your dream gig but if it gets you through children’s younger ages, you do what you have to do. Whether it’s about time, money, both, or some other challenge, these are the lines of work at which you need to take a closer look.

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