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These Real Housewives Deny Having Plastic Surgery — We’re Not So Sure

Larsa Pippen
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For the most part, many of the ladies featured along the Real Housewives franchises have been open about getting poked, prodded, nipped and tucked. As is the new norm, we’ve even watched some of them get procedures done on camera. However, many of our favourite Real Housewives stars have flatly denied certain cosmetic enhancements and surgeries.

Though everyone has the right to decide for themselves what they will and won’t share with the public, being truthful about getting cosmetic enhancements is a step toward a more honest dialogue surrounding self-image. Widely followed celebrities and influencers have a strong impact on their audience’s idea of what “perfect” looks like. If they’ve had enhancements, they can choose to use their platform to admit that their tip-top perfect faces and bodies have had a little bit of extra help. In fact, many are starting to. Not as a measure of encouraging it, but to help viewers remain compassionate and realistic with their own self-image.

Let’s take a look at which housewives have denied going under the knife.

Dorit Kemsley



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Though the Beverly Hills housewife has shut-down rumours that she had work done on her nose, fans have had more than a hard time believing her. Though side-by-side photos of her now and younger have kept many speculating, she has gone as far as getting a surgeon to back up her statement. The mother-of-two and designer insists the perfect nose you’re seeing is thanks to God and contour.

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Larsa Pippen


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Upon the reboot of The Real Housewives of Miami, viewers noticed that OG Larsa Pippen returned looking fully refreshed. She has since gone on record multiple times to deny getting a Brazilian butt lift, but has admitted to having her breasts augmented, a nose job and getting lip fillers. Pippen insists that her new booty was built thanks to hard work and dedication at the gym.

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Kenya Moore


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The Atlanta beauty has denied getting any work done to her face or body, and given her natural-born perfect face and years modelling, it’s hard to argue that she has anything but great genetics on her side. Still, fans have continued to speculate that the Dancing With The Stars starlet may get a little more than God-given good looks to stay as ageless as she has.

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Kim Zolciak-Biermann

Fans of The Real Housewives of Atlanta have long questioned the Tardy For The Party songstress’s honesty when discussing her nose. It’s been the one and only surgical procedure that Zolciak has denied getting done, as she’s been open about having a number of other enhancements.

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Bethenny Frankel


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Viewers and co-stars of The Real Housewives of New York have speculated that Bethenny Frankel’s jawline was reduced thanks to the help of a plastic surgeon. The SkinnyGirl CEO has always been quick to shoot down this rumour. She’s explained the changes to her jawline occurred due to getting Botox in the area, and not from an invasive procedure.

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Brandi Glanville


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While this Real Housewives of Beverly Hills former housewife has recently ‘fessed up to receiving Botox and fillers in her face, she’s denied speculation that she’s had anything more done. The mother-of-two has gone on record to say that any swelling on her face was due to a gum infection and not because she went under the knife.

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Porsha Williams


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The Porsha’s Family Matters star has been open about her cosmetic enhancements in recent years. Williams has admitted to having her breasts done, along with a non-surgical nose job and Botox, but has flat out denied anything further. While followers have been quick to speculate on work she’s had done to her body, specifically a butt lift and tummy tuck, she’s been adamant that she’s all natural and struggles with bloating just like the rest of us.

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Lisa Rinna


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Reigning instigator of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Lisa Rinna has denied any claims that she’s had more work done to her lips since appearing on the show. While her famously enhanced lips were filled in decades ago when silicone was the only option, Rinna has shot down rumours that she’s continued to get additional work done to them.

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