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These Popular Travel Destinations Need a Break From Tourists in 2023 — Here’s Why

Woman in Amsterdam in a grey coat

It’s no secret that, when it comes to travel, nature can take a hit when tourists continue to visit the same areas. The environment and the locals can get overburdened by lots of travellers who all want to visit some of the world’s most exciting spots. But, as more and more people have started booking flights again, here are some spots Fodor wants readers to consider skipping on their travel bucket list so that the earth can recover a bit in 2023.

These are three spots to pass on the next time you book your vacation, but you can see the full list of places to skip on Fodor‘s website.

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Venice canals

Venice, Italy

Remember during the pandemic when Venice’s canals got much clearer thanks to less water traffic? Well, things could look like that again if people gave the famous city a break. According to Fodor, “mass tourism has long afflicted Venice, with an unpalatable ratio of 370 visitors for every resident per year.” And being a city on the water, rising sea levels from climate change are also something to think about.

For a greener trip, consider travelling to Lake Garda or Sardinia, which are places that have more sustainable infrastructure to support tourism.

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A canal in Amsterdam

Amsterdam, Netherlands

The Dutch capital has seen an enormous amount of tourists, as Fodor explains that the city’s annual tourist numbers are equivalent to the entire Dutch population, which is 17 million people. With that many visitors in a single city that isn’t very large, the locals are having to deal with areas becoming too busy.

There are plenty of other great spots to check out in the Netherlands, and if you’re planning to book a trip, consider visiting The Hague, Rotterdam or even a smaller city like Arnhem.


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A bird's eye view of Maui

Maui, Hawaii

Hawaiian locals have been very vocal about discouraging tourists due to the impact on their livelihoods and the environment, with tourists taking over beaches and other areas. According to Fodor, the former Hawaii State Representative and native Hawaiian Kaniela Ing shared her thoughts via Twitter last year: “Stop coming to Hawaii. They are treating us like second-class citizens, literally cutting off our water to feed over-tourism.”

Instead of jetting off to Maui, consider other tropical spots with gorgeous beaches like Costa Rica or Barbados, which are both growing spots for sustainability, according to CNN.

If you’re still wanting to book a green vacation, there are also a ton of beautiful spots right here in Canada that you can visit, which will allow you to support the local economy and have a smaller carbon footprint than travelling abroad.

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