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The Science Behind Why Caffeine May be the Secret to Really Good Hair

woman sitting with coffee and running her hand through her hair

While caffeine may be responsible for fueling your mornings, it may also prove to be just the thing to make it a good hair day, too. 

This multipurpose elixir has been used in everything from cellulite scrub to haircare – and now science is backing up its promise to support hair health and even boost hair growth. 

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The secret is in caffeine’s ability to counteract DHT – the hormone responsible for hair loss – and to boost blood flow to your scalp. This is a good thing because your blood brings with it oxygen and nutrients that help your hair stay healthy and strong. When that’s lacking, or due to genes or a poor diet – hair follicles may not adequately support hair, leading to thinning, dryness or even hair loss.

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While it’s not an overnight solution (reportedly, it takes upwards of three months for the benefits to start kicking in), adding it into your hair care routine may give your hair just the advantage it needed. 

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