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The ‘Saddest Cat on the Internet’ Has a Heartwarming New Job

The ‘Saddest Cat on the Internet’ Has a Heartwarming New Job

Back in April, an adorable ginger tabby named BenBen was brought in to the Vancouver Animal Emergency and Referral Centre, suffering from puncture wounds, infected cuts, and worst of all, a crushed spine. He had a badly damaged left ear and was nearly unable to move.

The good news: The BC SPCA hospital was able to tend to his many injuries. The bad news: Due to his condition, BenBen was deemed unadoptable, and scheduled to be euthanized.

Fortunately, veterinarian technician Sandy Windover and her partner Adam adopted the resilient kitty. It was a tough road at first, with Sandy confirming BenBen was initially unable to take more than a couple of steps without falling over. But with patience, perseverance, and a whole lot of TLC, he’s now running and jumping with the best of them.

BenBen is now a social media phenom, with over 38,000 Instagram followers and 11,000 Facebook fans. Folks have connected with the plucky feline not just because of his inspiring tale of survival, but on account of those adorable down-turned eyes, which contribute to his perpetually melancholy look. Despite the fact he’s happy and content in the care of his new owners, BenBen has been lovingly dubbed ‘The Saddest Cat on the Internet.’

Sandy and Adam are hoping BenBen’s growing online following can help them raise funds for other animals in need. “Unfortunately the BC SPCA don’t have a lot of funding to help strays that come through their building,” Sandy explains. “So we thought we could help other cats just like BenBen.”

The couple has created a GoFundMe account, where all money raised will benefit stray animals in need of medical care, fostering, and adoption. So if you’re in a helping kind of mood, why not send a few dollars their way? It’ll definitely make BenBen happy. (Even though he probably won’t look it.)

How do I get down there?

A photo posted by BenBen (@benbencatcat) on Aug 1, 2016 at 7:37pm PDT

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