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The Most Over-The-Top Outfits Céline Dion Wowed Us With All Year

Céline Dion has had a breakout year — in fashion. And for all of us who thought her sartorial choices were meant to mind-boggle, in reality, it was her way of living out a fantasy.

The singer recently told Peoplethat fashion helped uplifted her spirits, something much-needed since the 2016 passing of her beloved husband René Angélil.

“Fashion can have a huge influence on how we feel from day-to-day,” Dion told the mag. “We can be feeling a little bit down when we wake up to face the day, but things start to brighten up a little when we put on that fancy outfit, with the vibrant colours and a spectacular pair of heels.”

She added: “Fashion is fun. Fashion is fantasy. It can often provide the escape that we need to take our minds of our daily problems, even if only for a short but necessary time. It’s amazing how a little bit of fantasy can alter our moods. I’ve always loved fashion, from as far back as I can remember. But as everyone knows, I’ve gone through some extremely difficult times in recent years, and I suppose that I’m spreading my wings a little bit more these days and doing so with the help of beautiful clothing and accessories.”

Um, yeah she did. Céline made us rub our eyes, stand up and take notice — which is never a bad thing. Let’s relive some of wing-spreading, shall we?

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