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The Craziest Moments in Vanderpump Rules History

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Over the years, the SUR staff have shown us every shade of crazy. And from throwing drinks to fistfights in parking lots, we live for their liquor-fuelled antics.

These are the craziest moments in Vanderpump Rules history:

Stassi trashing Jax’s apartment

We got our first taste of Stassi’s flair for vengeance when she discovered Jax cheated on her in season one. She drank $600 worth of his champagne, ashed cigarettes in all the bottles, tossed his belongings all over the apartment, then texted him at work to tell him to pick up his stuff. 

It was a glorious moment of revenge.

Jax and Laura-Leigh having sex in the bathroom

Season one of VPR was completely unhinged. Like when Jax and Laura-Leigh got busted having sex in the SUR washrooms. After the news spread, Lisa sat them down, poured herself a scalding hot cup of tea and told them she knew exactly what they’d been up to.

Jax’s face said everything:

Busted. Plus, they’d already been on camera having sex in a totally different restaurant washroom.

VPR craziest 3

Jax and Frank’s parking lot brawl

When Jax showed up at Stassi’s birthday in season one, everything turned to chaos. Even the normally reserved Schwartz got in on it, calling Stassi a b-tch.

Then he poured a beer on her. On her birthday! All the guys inexplicably tore their shirts off and started brawling in the restaurant parking lot. It was…kind of sexy?

Queen Stassi’s birthday’s in general

Stassi’s birthdays in the early seasons were always the site of this kind of drama. No one makes a bigger deal of their birthday than Stassi. And no one’s birthday parties consistently turn into a sh-t show the way her’s do. 

May we present a little evidence?

Stassi slapping Kristen

The VPR boys aren’t the only ones whose fights come to physical blows. When Stassi found out her BFF Kristen slept with Jax while they were dating, she straight up slapped her in the face.

Miami Girl

Remember Miami Girl? Kristen found her online and convinced her to fly out to L.A. to confront Tom. That’s commitment to revenge on an ex. 

As it turned out, Ariana either A) didn’t care Tom cheated or B) didn’t believe Kristen.


But he definitely seemed guilty. As soon as Miami Girl confronted him, he and Ariana walked off their shifts and fled the scene in an Uber.

Kristen slapping James at Scheana’s wedding

No event is too precious for pettiness where Kristen is concerned. Her fight with James at Kristen’s wedding spilled out into the parking lot, where she slapped him (hard!) then left with her trainer.

Jax’s arrest

What possibly possessed Jax to steal a pair of sunglasses on vacation in Hawaii? This was during filming for season four, when he was making good money. Messy, messy, messy.

Brittany’s potential hookup with Kristen

This season of VPR started with a bang. Or rather, with a really good rumour: that Brittany cheated on Jax with Kristen. Why would we believe Jax, given his track record? Well, Jax lies, like, all the time. But Kristen acts rotten just as often.

Jax’s dick pic


The most recent entry to the pile: Kristen and co. using Jax’s dick pic in a skit during their comedy show. Again, Kristen acting rotten. But this time to hilarious results. The craziest – and most impressive – part of it all? Brittany was able to spot her man’s package in an instant.

Well done, Brittany.

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