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Sustainable Denim Showdown: The Best Brands and Why

What do cowboys, casual Fridays and Canadian tuxedos have in common? Denim, of course. Denim, initially created as durable workwear for manual labourers has become a universal staple in nearly every person’s closet for decades. With no indication of our denim habits slowing down, the environmental impacts of our increased demands are having a sizeable negative effect on our waterways, non-renewable energy and toxic waste.

With research showing a single pair of jeans using up to 2900 gallons of water, and 4.4 pounds of carbon dioxide , denim is one of the biggest polluters in apparel manufacturing (a major climate villain in it’s own right). So what’s a denim lover to do?

Luckily these 10 ethical clothing brands have got us covered by producing ethically made, sustainable denim, using innovative practices that reduce the environmental footprint of their jeans.

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