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Sonja Morgan and Dorinda Medley Talk Reunion, Moving on and Lady Gaga

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The Real Housewives of New York reunion specials didn’t disappoint as veteran Housewives guru-in-chief Andy Cohen helped to dissect what went down in season 11. We’ve watched as the women embarked on fresh starts in their new homes, dealt with heartbreaking loss and navigated their complicated friendships. We sat down with fan favourites Sonja Morgan and Dorinda Medley to get their thoughts on the reunion, where they’re at now, and the one woman who seemed to be at the forefront of the drama — Luann de Lesseps.

Every Housewives fan knows that the moments leading up to a reunion show are full of nerves and mental preparation. These women are going into battle and need to be ready to defend themselves if a fellow Housewife decides to come for them. Despite getting into a shouting match with Luann about issues that stemmed from season 10, Dorinda didn’t go into the reunion prepared to fight. “I went in there saying, ‘Take the high road, there’s less traffic up there,” she explains. “Then, I think the viewers can see that I did that to the point where I was like, ‘I can’t take it. I’ve got to get this out because we have to clear the air once and for all or we’re just never going to move forward.’”

Proud of her friendship and support of Luann over the years, Sonja went into the reunion with a desire to look out for her. “I started out in a protective mode of Luann because I was there in the beginning for the intervention,” she reveals. “So I didn’t want any triggers for her and I thought the incident in Columbia was like, you know, a blip.”

Sonja may have given Luann the benefit of the doubt at the reunion, but she certainly didn’t appreciate her seemingly hypocritical criticism of her throughout the season. “She was on her high horse again. She was projecting on me saying that I had this problem and that problem. And I’m like, wait a minute, why don’t you look in your own backyard?”


Despite their issues with Luann, Sonja and Dorinda try to understand her and where she’s coming from. “There’s a bit of ‘tag you’re it’ with Luann — last year it was me, this year it was you,” she says in reference to Sonja. “I think a little bit of that is just trying to project and take the focus off yourself because it’s easier. And I’m not being critical of that.”

As we saw in part one of the reunion, Dorinda and Luann hugged it out in an emotional surrender. So where are they now? “Lu and I are in a much better place. We’ve contacted each other a couple times.” With Dorinda, it doesn’t seem like the door to a friendship has to be completely closed. “You know, every year it changes. We change places, we move in different positions.”

Speaking of moving, Sonja admits that all the moving this season was symbolic of a deeper desire among the women. “This year, we’re both moving on from our homes and our past.” On her breakdown at the Morgan estate, she admits that moving from her townhouse was the best thing for her. “[Dorinda] takes me up to the Morgan house as a gesture and then, sure enough, I’m agitated again. It just proves how good it is that I’m out of that townhouse and that responsibility.” Dorinda agrees that it’s been the same for all of the women. “There’s a lot of great fresh starts….and moving on.”

The emotional ups and downs that came from this season is why Dorinda dishes that this reunion was the best yet. “I’m not saying this just because — I know they say every year it’s the best reunion — but a couple of producers called me up and said it’s one of their best reunions.” Moving on to season 12, what can we expect? No one knows, but the ladies do have a casting request for the Real Housewives powers-that-be. “I think in New York I would have Lady Gaga’s mother, Cynthia. I ask her every time I see her, ‘When are you coming on?’ I think I could sneak her in at some point.”


Here’s hoping the ladies can make it happen! We hope Andy Cohen is reading this.

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