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Should I See a Therapist? A Beginners Guide to Getting Help

Mental health is health — and just as you would go to a physician to check on something concerning, talking to someone about your thoughts and feelings can help make you better too. The stigma around mental health has never been fair and shouldn’t hinder those struggling with anxiety or depression to actually seek the help they need.

Seeing a therapist for the first time can be both terrifying and liberating. You can freely express your feelings, be vulnerable, and challenge yourself with a qualified mental health professional, in a completely different way than family and friends would be.

Sounds promising, right? But you still need to find the nerve and get up and go. And you need to be ready and open, otherwise you’re not going to get what you need out of it. We spoke with psychologist Michelle Lucci of Cambridge Psychology Centre and she carefully explains everything you need to know about seeing a therapist, whether or not it’s right for you and how it all works.

“There are different types of mental health services, from social workers and family counsellors, psychologists or psychological associates, to occupational therapists and psychotherapists. And while “most people equate therapy with a psychologist,” Lucci explains, “each type of profession offers different work.” It just depends on what your needs require, access to services and what a person hopes to achieve.

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