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Shannon Beador Looks Drastically Different in Season 12 and Says it’s Vicki’s Fault

Shannon Beador Looks Drastically Different in Season 12 and Says it’s Vicki’s Fault


When RHOC returns for season 12, some fan might not recognize Shannon Beador right away. When the group shot for the new season was released, some fans even took to social media to ask if she’s still on the show:



“I just don’t understand how I let myself go” Shannon cries in the trailer. In another scene we see Shannon sitting with Tamra Judge and Lydia McLaughlin and she reveals the real source of struggle — stress. If you’re wondering what’s at the root of all this stress, it’s none other than Vicki Gunvalson.

This is stress” Shannon says, pointing to her midsection, “and that is Vicki Gunvalson.”


Vicki and Shannon have a seriously rocky relationship. After Shannon tried to forgive Vicki for her fake cancer scandal, Vicki turned around and spread the dangerous rumour that Shannon’s husband hit her. Things have been looking especially bleak for the two since the season 11 reunion where Shannon flat out said Vicki will never be a part of her life anymore. As their war wages on, it’s pretty clear that it’s having an effect on Shannon.

While we’ll always love her no matter her size, Shannon’s battle of the bulge might be her big story line this season. Now that Shannon and David have put his infidelity behind them, they happy couple can shift their focus elsewhere, like their health. In a recent episode of Heather McDonald’s Juicy Scoop podcast, Shannon revealed she was going to a ‘fat farm’ in San Diego where she’ll be forced to stick to a strict diet and workout regimen. It looks like Shannon’s taking her body goals seriously, she’s even taken to Instagram to document her fitness journey:

Yes @drtim, this will become muscle soon! 💪👊 #workingonit #willgetthere

A post shared by Shannon Beador (@shannonbeador) on Jun 13, 2017 at 10:07am PDT

Will Shannon get her body back and mend her relationship with Vicki? Find out when The Real Housewives of Orange County returns on July 10 at 9pm e/p!


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