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September 2022 Horoscopes: What May Come Your Way This Month

Virgo illustration
Azra Hirji

Virgos: now is your time! Read on for your September 2022 monthly horoscopes to find out what the stars are saying — from your career to your friendships to your love life — this month.

Aries illustration
Azra Hirji

Aries horoscopes for September 2022

Leaders lead

Withholding the expression of your feelings and the articulation of your thoughts will continue to fuel your growing sense of dissatisfaction. You have made significant progress putting yourself first; however, your lack of expression has adversely affected your relationships at work and in your close relationships.

It is time to speak up and share what you have been internally hoarding. Displaying more initiative and taking on a leadership role in your professional and personal life will make a tremendous difference in your energy levels and sense of satisfaction. Incorporating pleasurable activities, especially ones you can enjoy with your close relationships, can double as an olive branch and an opportunity to bond with each other. Vulnerability is challenging; however, withholding is destructive — carefully choose your battle.

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Taurus illustration
Azra Hirji

Taurus horoscopes for September 2022

Ask and receive

What does your relationship with pleasure currently look like, Taurus? When was the last time you satisfied your sensual pleasures? Did you know the energy you have been directing towards solidifying stability in your life would be the same energy used to experience more sensuality?

It is clear you have been missing the feeling of passion, and it is time to make a change. You have used your diligence as a scapegoat to avoid your deep longing and existed in a workaholic mode for far too long. The truth is, you have options. You can take yourself out on a date and enjoy a night at your favorite places or allow close friends or an admirer to take you out and relish each other’s company.

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Gemini illustration
Azra Hirji

Gemini horoscopes for September 2022

Get your thinking cap

Your home is calling out to you, Gemini. Have you heard the call? When was the last time you spent the day at home with just you and your thoughts? On the surface, this may sound like a recreational activity; however, if you look deeper, you will see that this is a part of your process.

The art of thinking comes as naturally to you as swimming does to a fish. Prioritizing opportunities to be engrossed in your thoughts, especially at home, will be the gift that keeps on giving this month. There is a significant amount of internal activity brewing within you. Giving yourself the space to mentally organize all your open tabs will allow you to return to your familiar lighthearted energy.  

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Cancer illustration
Azra Hirji

Cancer horoscopes for September 2022

Entertain or expand?

There is a high potential for unexpected opportunities that can increase your financial wealth this month, Cancer. The catch-22 here is that these opportunities may come at the expense of attending social events and work gatherings. While mixing and mingling come naturally to you, distinguishing where your priorities fall between urgent and important will help you decide what would be best for you in the long run.

Learning to take on more responsibility and not spread yourself too thin will be invaluable for your future self. To subside any feelings of FOMO, schedule moments for reflection and exploring your emotions. Doing so will create an outlet for your nurturing and intuitive side and empower you to focus on yourself and your goals with excitement.

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Leo illustration
Azra Hirji

Leo horoscopes for September 2022

Deliberately shine

Energy flows where attention goes, and your attention is precious this month. Your ability to maintain and sustain consistent focus is something you take for granted. If you find yourself focusing on your income, you have missed the point.

While it may be tempting to work on devising a master plan to increase your incoming dollars, that would be just skimming the surface. Your task is to test your attention span and dive deeper to get to the root, which is understanding your value. Are you aware of the value you provide to the world just by existing? You have profoundly impacted those around you over the years, and it is time for you to become aware of your impact. Deliberately shine, Leo.

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Virgo illustration
Azra Hirji

Virgo horoscopes for September 2022

Reality is rooted in gratitude 

All eyes are on you, Virgo, as the sun’s light shines down on you during the remaining weeks of Virgo season. The attention of those around you may polarize you as you navigate the thin line between arrogance and self-consciousness. What lies between these two contrasting states is the state of confidence, and radiating gratitude is a staunch way to arrive there.

Extending your grounded awareness to what exists before you, instead of focusing on your ideals, will allow you to be present enough to witness all the wonder surrounding you.

Thoughts of your romantic relationships may seem to come out of the blue; however, they are surfacing to teach you how to avoid romanticizing your intimate connection — doing so has only led to disappointment.

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Libra illustration
Azra Hirji

Libra horoscopes for September 2022

Self-full — not selfish

Libra, when was the last time you took a break? Prioritizing solitude and time for yourself does not make you selfish; it makes you self-FULL. The time has come to mark a few days in your busy calendar dedicated to you and you alone. You are worthy of your undivided attention and the level of care you give so freely to everyone else. Remember, defining yourself by what you do for others will only lead to burnout and the constant need for external validation. Sometimes, saying no is an act of self-compassion.

Checking in and assessing your feelings before embarking on further projects or extending more help to loved ones will help you establish the inner harmony needed to replenish your emptying cup of self-love.

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Scorpio illustration
Azra Hirji

Scorpio horoscopes for September 2022

Why so serious?

You have been holding your laid-back and friendly side captive under the guise of “Once I complete this, I will allow myself to have fun.” However, that moment of social fun never comes because you find something else in need of completion. All work and no play can lead to a lonely, rigid outlook on life if you are not careful.

This month is asking you, “Why so serious, Scorpio? Can you let loose and enjoy yourself, even for just one day?” Doing so will reintroduce ease, enjoyment and socializing back into your busy life, which can assist you in more ways than you realize. Your laid-back side can significantly help your work endeavors. Connections made with the right people can elevate unnecessary stress.

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Sagittarius illustration
Azra Hirji

Sagittarius horoscopes for September 2022

Only VIPs can enter

Understanding the difference between work colleagues and your friends will be a helpful way for you to further develop your boundaries, Sagittarius. Your private life is an exclusive place that only VIPs can enter. One of your tasks this month is to determine who those very important people are. Identifying them will give you insight into which relationships require your vulnerability and those that do not. Your VIPs will be a helpful support system as you navigate connecting with your purpose.

Remember, whether you are aware of it or not, you are always acting from your purpose, so do not feel discouraged if it takes a moment to realize. Taking stock of what you enjoy doing can be a helpful place to start observing.

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Capricorn illustration
Azra Hirji

Capricorn horoscopes for September 2022

Let go — and flow

Capricorn, letting your professional responsibilities get in the way of following your inspiration will result in regret and resentment down the line. It can be tempting to equate your time to money; however, your time also grants you meaningful experiences. Discovering how to earn an honest living while intentionally connecting with your creativity will help you find a healthy middle ground. This way, you will avoid the trap of looking for fulfillment in mundane tasks within the workplace and uncover it while being creative.

Although this process may sound simple, it has the potential to lead to a profound transformation in how you approach living your life. All it takes is you letting go of the need for control and embracing going with the flow.

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Aries illustration
Azra Hirji

Aquarius horoscopes for September 2022

It’s time to adult

A metamorphosis is underway, and you are evolving, Aquarius. The life you once knew is taking a new form as you explore the space between pleasure and responsibility. It is adulting time.

Accounting for how you manage your resources will be a focal point for displaying your budding sense of duty this month. Your money, energy and creativity are lines in your budget that require immediate attention. Evaluating what areas you have been over or underspending will help you navigate the delicate balance you desire to establish for yourself.

Remember, you do not have to do this all alone. Asking for help from those you are in partnerships with, whether romantic or platonic, will allow you to communicate your needs with clarity and diplomacy.

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Pisces illustration
Azra Hirji

Pisces horoscopes for September 2022

Breathe: you are growing

It is okay not to feel like yourself, Pisces. It happens to the best of us. You are experiencing growing pains that can result in tremendous discomfort, but, like all things in life, it shall pass.

This month, reconnecting with your loving and whimsical nature to life is the goal. A worthwhile place to start is with your spirituality. Spending time outside with the trees, feeling the sunshine and breathing in fresh air can make a huge difference in your perspective on what you are internally feeling.

Although you may feel no one can relate to what you are going through, your friends may surprise you. Opening up and sharing what you have been holding on to may provide you with a cathartic release.

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