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Roxy’s shadiest moments on RHOT

Roxy’s shadiest moments on RHOT

We fell in love with Roxy from her very first hair flip. She strolled into The Real Housewives of Toronto larger than life, with a fresh blow out ready to toss right over her shoulder.

Even in the first episode, we saw she could throw shade with little more than a flip of her hair or a well-timed eye roll. Even when she’s not saying a word, we know exactly what Roxy is thinking.

These are her finest moments of silent communication.

Episode One: Roxy was the first RHOT Housewife we met and the first thing we noticed about her was her on-point hairography. We had no idea how many epic hair flips were on the way, but we rightly took that first toss as a good omen.

We soon discovered she never washes her own hair – and why should she? Just look at that salon shake.

Picture perfect!

Episode Two: How did Roxy feel about Kara after their dog park brawl in episode two? Just ask her eye roll.

Episode Four: While all the other ladies were talking about the lovely time they had with Kara at Joan’s dock party, Roxy sat silently, telling an entire (very shady) story with a skilful hair flip.

Did Roxy believe Kara really forgot the night of her Italian dinner party was also Roxy’s birthday? Um, let’s just check her facial expression.

Episode Five: Enter the eye squint; a new move from Roxy! After that squint, we know exactly what she thought of Kara’s alleged tubing injuries.

Roxy can take us on entire journey with a series of perfectly executed (and perfectly shady!) expressions. Seriously: she told a story with a beginning, middle and end from eyebrow raise to lip lop. She’s a silent wordsmith.

Episode Seven: Come on Roxy, tell us how you really feel.


Episode Eight: How did she feel about Kara skipping out on the Barcelona trip? Guess we’ll never know…

Long live Toronto’s Queen of silent shade and hair flips!


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