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Monet From ‘Gossip Girl’ is a Lesbian, Savannah Smith Confirms

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Hello, Upper East Siders. This just in: Gossip Girl is finally giving fans an iconic queer character to obsess over. (Sorry Eric!) In the third episode of the Gossip Girl reboot, rich mean girl Monet de Haan rocks a cute outfit while smooching a woman in a bar, causing fans to speculate that the preppy and chic character likely isn’t straight.

The GG reboot has been hailed at being much more progressive than the original when it comes to representation, but up until the latest episode, nothing had been said or shown about Monet’s love life specifically. Savannah Smith, 21, who plays the character, confirmed Monet’s sexuality in a tweet:

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Smith herself is bisexual, but the character of Monet is not, which she clarified in a second tweet:

Originally, Monet was not going to be a lesbian; however, after seeing Smith post about being bi, showrunner Joshua Safran proposed that they make the character gay. “I saw Savannah being authentic and living her life,” he told Them. “So I said to her, Savannah, would you feel comfortable if Monet was a lesbian? And she was like, Absolutely, sign me up.’

In the series, a few of the other characters are also queer. Max Wolfe (played by Thomas Doherty) is proudly pansexual, and Aki Menzies (played by Evan Mock) is dating Audrey Hope (Emily Alyn Lind), but actually seems to be into guys.

Aside from Smith, several of the other cast members are also part of the LGBTQ+ community: Jordan Alexander, who plays Julien Calloway, is queer, and Zión Moreno, who plays Luna La, is trans.

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