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Meet the Cast of Southern Charm Savannah

Meet the Cast of Southern Charm Savannah

Three years ago Cameran, Shep and co. introduced us to the genial yet rowdy city of Charleston on Southern Charm. Now it’s time to skip even further south to Savannah for another helping of good old fashioned southern melodrama.

This week marks the premiere of the newest edition of Southern Charm, Southern Charm: Savannah.

In Savannah, we find a gorgeous little city dripping in Spanish moss. Amongst the esteemed manors, quaint town squares, and endless marshlands are our newest Southern Charmers; a tight knit group of friends with old families to rival Shep and T-Rav (who both make cameos, BTW).

Here’s a handy primer to our new gang of well-to-do southerners.

savannah charm 1

Catherine Cooper

Clutch those heirloom pearls: this southern clique has a Catherine, too. At first glance, Savannah’s Catherine isn’t as scandalous as Kathryn Dennis, Charleston’s “Senate Barbie” turned rehab-hopping mom of two.

Catherine was born in raised in Savannah, then left to work and study in Austria and New York. The pull of the South brought her back to her hometown – and to her high school sweetheart, Lyle. But as we’ll come to find out, there’s rumours Catherine cheated on him, so maybe she’ll turn out to be a Katherine-style scandal after all.

savannah charm 2

Lyle Mackenzie

Which brings us to Lyle, who Catherine paid no attention to until the upperclassmen headed off to college and the two started dating in high school.

Here’s a little throwback:
savannah charm 14

This season we’ll see Lyle ask Catherine’s dad for her hand in marriage, but something tells us there will be a few bumps along the way.

savannah charm 3

Ashley Borders

With her short hair and tattoos, Ashley’s serving us a little Jenna, the fellow self-proclaimed black sheep of Charleston, circa SC season one.

She’s the daughter of a beauty queen who’s been a fashion designer, actress, and stylist – and she’s also a mom. Ashley may prove to be the straw that stirs Charleston’s mint juleps – she’s the one who accuses Catherine of cheating.


savannah charm 11

Her long gloves and a lit cigarette can only be a harbinger of drama to come.

Daniel Eichholz

savannah charm 4

Daniel’s from an old family who established Charleston’s first synagogue. He’s also a marketing entrepreneur who helped build up his family’s legal practice into a local powerhouse.

But what you really need to know about Daniel is this:
savannah charm 13

He’s got body-ody-ody and is definitely the Dylan McKay of the bunch.

savannah charm 5

Louis Oswald

Louis is a finance guy with a side hustle: he runs a sock brand, JL the Brand, a la Rob Kardashian.

He’s also one half of Southern Charm: Savannah’s second couple. Louis and Hannah have been dating for several years and like Catherine and Lyle, there may be a proposal in their near future.

savannah charm 6

Hannah Pearson

Like Cameran, she’s a modern southern belle. Hannah has a reverence for the southern way of life, but she doesn’t adhere to its strict set of rules.

She grew up outside Atlanta, then after carving out a career in cosmetics, she ditched the beauty industry to move to Savannah and work at a trucking company. Once she settled in Savannah, she fell head over heels for Lyle.

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