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Jessi Cruickshank’s 7 Pro-Tips for Surviving Motherhood (with Twins in Tow)

By: Dragana Kovacevic

Former MTV host Jessi Cruickshank takes on two new milestones in her career: motherhood and a new digital series New Mom, Who Dis? In her most intimate series yet, Cruickshank’s co-stars are actual children — her own twins, Diego and Rio. The long-adored Canadian TV personality now brings her fans up-close-and-personal as they, together, figure out this whole motherhood thing. Brazenly open and disarmingly honest, Jessi laughs, cries, and ultimately explores what it means to be a modern mom, through a lens that is uniquely hers — candid, hilarious, and relatable. New episodes of New Mom, Who Dis? roll out each Wednesday on Facebook Watch and feature interviews, roundtables, celebrity guests and tongue-in-cheek explorations of all things MOM.

So what has Cruickshank gleaned from her experience thus far? Here are her 7 pro-tips on how to survive motherhood (with twins in tow). Hint: She is upfront about not being a pro at any of this.

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