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Improve Your Self-Talk: 8 Ways to Stop Negative Language and Be Kind to Yourself

A lot of times, our inner turmoil comes from the language and words we choose to use on ourselves, and how we twist the narratives of a specific event in our minds so that it becomes a negative. A little self-criticism isn’t always a bad thing — after all, it can be the main underlying motivator to finally inspire you to commit to that project you’ve been neglecting or follow-through on a personal goal. But there’s a stark difference between “I want to exercise on a regular basis because I like how it makes me feel” and “I’m so lazy and unfit, no wonder I’m useless and can’t get anything done.” So how can we rewire our brains to be kinder to ourselves? If you catch yourself spiralling down the rabbit hole with these common toxic thought patterns, consider the healthier narratives you can apply to the situation.

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