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I Lived in the Back of My Store and This is What I Learned

3:01 has launched new social series Go Here Meet Her, which profiles Canadian female business owners, and explores how they started to where they’re at now. Basically, it’s showing that journey, that evolution, as they went from dreamer to eventual butt-kicker/name-takers.

But the episodes are brief so it’s understandable if you want to know more. Because who wouldn’t want all the details of these amazing entrepreneurs?

In the latest episode, we meet Kristen Voisey, owner and founder of Cocktail Emporium, a specialty cocktail store which has now expanded to three locations. While she touches on how she lived at the back of her store in order to get her business off the ground, we needed to know more. So we dug deeper — and we got to see Voisey’s success story, also learned a little more about those meager beginnings.


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