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February 2023 Horoscopes: What May Come Your Way This Month

Aquarius illustration
Azra Hirji

Can you feel it? Aquarius season (from Jan. 20 to Feb. 18) is officially here! Read on for your February 2023 monthly horoscopes to find out what the stars are saying — from your career to your friendships to your love life — in the weeks to come.

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Illustration representing the Aries sign of the zodiac.
Azra Hirji

Aries horoscopes for February 2023

Let life unfold

The guilt of possibly leaving behind who and what was there for you for many years has you feeling torn between holding onto your familiar surroundings and desiring to expand who you want to be in this phase of your life. Deciding what to do may feel challenging because of the viewpoint of your perspective. You can maintain your familiar connections while growing into who you want to be; however, adjusting to the reality that you cannot control this process is necessary. Life is happening for you, not to you, and while your current circumstances may feel uncomfortable, everything is happening for a reason.

What may be helpful for you, Aries, is to look around and ask yourself, “what can I learn from this?”

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Illustration representing the Taurus sign of the zodiac.
Azra Hirji

Taurus horoscopes for February 2023

A sign of purpose

Matters of your home and private life have occupied your time, energy and attention, making exploring beyond your comfort zone not a primary focus. This is going to change this month!

Vocalizing the knowledge you have gained over the years will serve as a bridge and invite opportunities to expand your social capital and personal network. Doing what you can to remain aware of your future goals will keep you grounded as you find yourself exposed to ideas and social circles. Evaluating what you would like to be known for can be of some assistance if you are unsure what you would like to materialize during your lifetime. Another helpful tool can be observing things you feel responsible for. This is a sign of purpose!

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Illustration representing the Gemini sign of the zodiac.
Azra Hirji

Gemini horoscopes for February 2023

Your contentment is important

And just like that, the feeling of restlessness has ended! Finally, your mind and energy feel aligned, and the dark cloud you have been experiencing for the last several months has turned into sunshine. Easing your way back into the rhythm you are familiar with will be the best course of action to prevent draining your energy. Overextending yourself with occupational tasks or sending more time than desired with acquaintances are off the table! It is essential that you are aware of and honour your boundaries, Gemini, because no one else can supply you with theirs.

With that said, it is equally important to prioritize activities you deeply enjoy because these activities will stimulate and multiply your energy reserves. Focusing on your contentment takes precedence.

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Illustration representing the Cancer sign of the zodiac.
Azra Hirji

Cancer horoscopes for February 2023

It’s time to get away

When was the last time you took a trip, Cancer? Now would be a great time to start planning a gateway to enhance the healing journey you have been on and introduce some adventure into your life. Inviting a close friend or love interest can add a layer of intimacy, which may make the thought of travelling more exciting. It is natural to think of all the possible reasons why you should not splurge on yourself in this way; however, creating a plan can help you stay financially organized and realistic.

You have worked hard over the last several months, and rewarding your efforts with time to yourself in a foreign place may be exactly what you need to rejuvenate and reinspire your spirit.

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Illustration representing the Leo sign of the zodiac.
Azra Hirji

Leo horoscopes for February 2023

Knowing is half the battle

The struggle with vulnerability in your intimate connections has recently been brought to your attention. Feeling afraid to reveal yourself emotionally out of self-protection has become more of a hindrance than a safeguard because of your desire to be received emotionally without offering any emotions in return. Operating in this manner creates an unbalanced dynamic that is unsustainable.

Now that you can see what has been hidden from your awareness for some time, you can actively choose to do something about it! Reflecting on any heavy feelings you may have internalized or projected onto the other party during a recent intimate connection instead of identifying with them will provide you with more insight and less grief. The more you know, the more you can transform.

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Illustration representing the Virgo sign of the zodiac.
Azra Hirji

Virgo horoscopes for February 2023

They care about you

A new level has been reached as you finally begin to feel like yourself in a budding romantic connection. While there is an air of fantasy associated with this connection, the presence of love outshines focusing on the desires of the ego. The awareness of your deeply repressed emotions and associated traumas makes this relationship different from those you had in the past. Being vulnerable is encouraged, which scared you initially; however, it is now partly why you enjoy the connection as much as you do. Consciously exploring the surfacing repressed emotions you have hidden and carried for far too long will go a long way this month, Virgo. You may also find it beneficial to share them with your partner. They care about you.

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Illustration representing the Libra sign of the zodiac.
Azra Hirji

Libra horoscopes for February 2023

Be of service and expand

Immersing yourself in your hobbies has shown you that your talents and passions are areas of your life that you can take seriously. Taking them seriously would look like speaking of them highly when conversing with others and finding ways to expand the materials you use to create or the reach of those who consume what you create. Approaching this from a place of service instead of something transactional can help preserve the enjoyment you feel when creating and not turn it into another job. Taking inventory of those in your network who can spread the word about what you are doing can help you prepare for what can come out of this, which is something bright and enduring.

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Illustration representing the Scorpio sign of the zodiac.
Azra Hirji

Scorpio horoscopes for February 2023

It’s a marathon, not a sprint

You have hit the jackpot by leaning on your wisdom and trusting what you have learned through experience. The efforts you have put forth in your work and career endeavours are paying off in ways that you could not have anticipated. Digging deep within yourself to uncover the internal biases you have been carrying regarding how you see yourself and your potential was worth the short-term pain for long-term gain.

Now that you can see yourself more clearly, so can those around you, attracting prospects in the romance department! Venting potential suitors by imagining what you can build together while maintaining your sight of yourself will help you avoid seeing any unworthy candidate with rose-coloured glasses. Life has changed, and many doors are opening!

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Illustration representing the Sagittarius sign of the zodiac.
Azra Hirji


Sagittarius horoscopes for February 2023

Moderation is key

Your appetite for pleasure is slowly increasing; however, fluctuations in your finances are discouraging your desire to explore it. Spending money mindlessly eventually catches up to us, Sagittarius, especially when we need it most. Focusing your attention on budgeting your daily, weekly and monthly expenses — even though it may not sound fun — will be of tremendous help this month!

Also, observing your increasing appetite for pleasure from a grounded perspective will help reduce or eliminate feelings of FOMO and reckless behaviour. Moderation is key, so if you feel the urge to overindulge in anything, take that as a sign to pause and identify what motivates this behaviour. Sometimes what may seem innocent can have a distorted interior. Your discernment and presence are everything!

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Illustration representing the Capricorn sign of the zodiac.
Azra Hirji

Capricorn horoscopes for February 2023

Family time

The concept of “order” has been of particular interest lately. While you have experienced its benefits, like stable finances and consistent eating habits, you are beginning to feel its restrictive side. Temporarily deviating from your newly found routine has been resulting in feelings of deep guilt. Establishing balance takes time, Capricorn, so giving yourself grace can help you soothe counterproductive emotions and self-destructive tendencies like guilt and self-loathing while you navigate this new space.

Spending quality time with close friends and family can also assist in adding more play and enjoyment to your life. Although it may feel challenging to establish at first, learning to balance work and play will allow you to have the best of both worlds, creating balance and sustainable order.

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Illustration representing the Aquarius sign of the zodiac.
Azra Hirji


Aquarius horoscopes for February 2023

Partnership is missing

Pressuring yourself to do everything alone has left you disillusioned about your future, even though you have worked hard to accumulate all the puzzle pieces necessary for the life you desire to live. The confusing thing is that despite having all the pieces to the puzzle in front of you, something feels like it is missing. Partnership!

You are meant to put the puzzle together with a partner. Attempting to do everything yourself has provided you with a false sense of control, requiring exuberant amounts of force to maintain. While it is possible to live with this much resistance, it will not be enjoyable, Aquarius. A question to ponder this month is, what role will connection and partnership play in the life you are building?

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Illustration representing the Pisces sign of the zodiac.
Azra Hirji

Pisces horoscopes for February 2023

Procrastination at its finest

Distractions in the form of daydreaming, mindlessly scrolling through social media and communicating with friends have felt hard to resist lately. Each time you surrender to the distraction, you fall deeper into the procrastination spiral, making it even harder to come out. Although your reasons for procrastinating may seem circumstantial, the truth is that they have deep roots in the limiting beliefs you entertain about yourself.

A way to combat this vicious cycle is by confronting it. The next time you find yourself mindlessly distracted from your task, ask yourself the following questions; why am I stalling? What am I afraid of? How can I help myself? Using a journal to write down your finding can help you dive deeper for clarity. You’ve got this!


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