Each year, the top baby names are revealed and whether they’re old-fashioned go-tos or trendy newcomers, it’s often never too surprising. But who needs trusty websites when all you have to do is visit a playground or a parent-and-tot class to know what’s popular nowadays.

That being said, once you compare lists through the years, there’s one name that stands out as tried and true.

Think Shatner. Fichtner. H. Macy. Tell. Royalty. Uh-huh, a prince. That’s right, William.



According to Find My Past, William has been consistent throughout the years. The family history website looked at the monikers of babies over the past century — using data compiled from the 1911 Census, the 1939 Register and survey results from 2015 — and William is the only name that made it onto Top 10 lists of all three periods.

While boys’ names have remained relatively unchanged, girls’ names are a different story. The research revealed that in 1911, Doris, Edith, Alice, Elsie and Dorothy were tops, while Sheila, Valerie, Maureen and Barbara ranked highest in 1939. Fast-forward to last year and the collection of names were far different as Ava, Amelia, Isla and Poppy reigned supreme.

But what’s that saying about everything comes back again? Or everything old is new again? Whatever the case, don’t be surprised if you see more Alices and Elsies in your kids’ classrooms. William, however, is a classic. If history says anything, that’s never going to change.


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