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Demi Lovato Is Using ‘She/Her’ Pronouns Again Because She’s Feeling ‘More Feminine’

Demi Lovato poses on the red carpet in a white suit
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Last May, singer Demi Lovato announced she was nonbinary and would be using they/them pronouns. Now, the star has decided to use she/her pronouns once again, although she will still use they/them pronouns.

“I’ve actually adopted the pronouns of she/her again with me,” she said on an episode of the Spout podcast. Lovato explained that, because she is “such a fluid person,” last year using they/them felt like a good fit because her “energy was balanced and my masculine and feminine energy so that when I was faced with the choice of walking into a bathroom and it said, ‘women’ and ‘men,’ I didn’t feel like there was a bathroom for me because I didn’t feel necessarily like a woman.”

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“I didn’t feel like a man. I just felt like a human,” she explained. “And that’s what they/them is about. For me, it’s just about like feeling human at your core.”

“Recently I’ve been feeling more feminine, and so I’ve adopted she/her again,” Lovato continued.

For those who may be nervous about using the wrong pronouns, Lovato explained that as long as you treat people with kindness, it’s OK. “I think what’s important is, like, nobody’s perfect. Everyone messes up pronouns at some point, and especially when people are learning, it’s just all about respect,” she said.

On Lovato’s Instagram account, her pronouns are currently listed as they/them/she/her.

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