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10 Celebrities Who are Bravely Sharing Their Abortion Stories

For half a century, abortion has been a constitutional right in the United States, helping one in four women in the US seek safe abortions by the time they reach 45 years old. Thanks to the 1973 landmark ruling of Roe v. Wade, women and people who can become pregnant all over America have had access to legal abortions; while, yes, some states have made it harder to obtain abortions than others, it has still been a constitutional right across the country.

Abortion opponents have been challenging Roe v. Wade for decades, but its standing has never been more threatened than now. Recently, Texas passed a law prohibiting abortion after six weeks, which is often before women even know they are pregnant. Today, June 24 2022, the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, giving individual states the power to ban, eliminate or criminalize abortion. Now that the Supreme Court has upended the landmark decision of Roe v. Wade, many states will enact trigger laws eliminating or banning abortions.

While this news pertains to America, people all over the world have expressed their outrage at the very real threat that women’s reproductive rights may be in the hands of politicians, and not us. This has prompted some celebrities to step forward and share their experiences with abortion — not only in a bid to normalize it, but to help other women feel less alone. Here are 10 abortion stories from strong celebrities fighting the unconscionable threat to abortion access, and ultimately, to women’s health, safety and freedom.



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