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Celeb Moms Who Have Overcome Postpartum Depression

These days, discussions around postpartum depression (PPD), also known as postnatal depression, have become more open and accepting in a public space, but that hasn’t yet stopped the stigma from impacting women (and sometimes men) who experience the often draining and confusing battle with PPD. Statistics show that up to 60 per cent of new mothers could encounter PPD and may experience a variety of symptoms, including anxiety, depression, irritability, confusion, crying spells, and issues with sleep and appetite. The more women speak out about their fight against PPD, the more we as a collective group can help normalize the often confusing and misunderstood journey. Celebrity mothers have been instrumental in sharing their experience with PPD, and we’ve rounded up ten of their stories to help you better understand how PPD can impact your life and how to come out of it on the other side.

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