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Cardi B Dismisses Queerbaiting Rumours by Reminding Everyone She’s Bisexual

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Cardi B joined Normani on her latest single “Wild Side” and the music video was sensual, dramatic and super glam. And as with anything Cardi B does, everyone had an opinion on her performance.

As soon as the video dropped, the internet went, well, wild. It’s racked up over 50 million views thanks to the stunning choreography, epic outfits, and a sample from Aaliyah. However, what caught most people’s attention was Cardi B’s verse in the vid, where she and Normani embrace each other naked.

Several fans began tweeting about the video, saying that the duo were queerbaiting, which involves hinting at same-sex relationships between two people who aren’t actually queer as a way to attract LGBTQ+ viewers:

Cardi B quickly caught wind of the backlash and attempted to clear up the confusion by explaining that she and Normani were posed that way to hide her pregnancy, also reminding people that she’s bisexual.

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Cardi B’s reaction ignited a conversation around sexuality and bi-erasure, as people assumed she was straight. The situation is a reminder to not blindly assume anyone’s sexuality, especially a celebrity who might not be out in their personal or public life. And while Cardi B was quick to defend herself, her sexual orientation isn’t anyone’s business but her own.

At least now fans can keep that in mind when Lizzo’s new song that the “WAP” rapper features on, is released on Friday.

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