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Cameron Diaz Talks About Expanding her Wine Brand

Katherine Power and Cameron Diaz at an event
Getty Images

Cameron Diaz and her partner-entrepreneur and friend, Kathrine Power, are adding to their “clean” wine brand. 

The pair recently launched Avaline with a Spanish white and a French rosé option, but are now adding a French Grenache-Syrah blend, described as “light to medium body with hints of cherry and the perfect touch of spice.” 

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The pair launched the line after realizing (over a glass of vino) that wine is the only consumable that doesn’t offer up a list of ingredients.  

“It was a purely self-serving endeavor,” Diaz summed up on Oct. 27 during a virtual wine tasting event to promote Avaline’s new red wine. 

The plan had the pair launching the red down the road, but with the initial success of more than 120,000 bottles sold in just three months, they fast-tracked that plan. Diaz reasoned that it’s also the bottles affordable $20(ish) USD price point. 

 “We wanted it to be a wine that you grabbed off the shelf and drank for dinner,” she explained while adding that it also works for special occasions. “We wanted it to be an everyday table wine, that ritual wine that you open every night and not feel guilty.”

For now, the wine is not yet available in Canada, but we’re watching closely for any plans to expand north of the border. 

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