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Bullying in the Workplace: How to Step Up as an Ally to Your Co-workers

When thinking about work, we usually think about deadlines, vacation days and getting that big promotion, but what we often don’t think about (and should be) is our work environment. A healthy work environment sees everyone respected and treated equally, but for many, equality isn’t the reality we imagine it to be. From bullying in the workplace, to discrimination based on ability, race, gender, age or sexuality and even the gender pay gap, our workplaces can be fraught with system-wide exclusion.

Once you see the ways your workplace can improve, it’s up to you to those of us with the power to know when to stand up, speak out, and make space for our colleagues who may not have the ability. Here are 10 ways to step up as an ally to your co-workers in inequitable working conditions.

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