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Best Careers Worth Going Back to School for

Back in our parents’ and grandparents’ day, the average career entailed doing the same kind of job in the same company for forty years and then retiring. Maybe there would be a promotion here and there but there wouldn’t be much scope for doing something completely different. For the younger generations – including younger Gen Xers – this kind of life would be the exception rather than the rule, though.

We question whether it’s worth slogging day in and day out at something that’s lost its lustre years ago and we’ll change careers in our mid-thirties or even forties without batting an eye if it will help us stay sane. Covid-19 has also changed the way we work and has forced many of us to re-evaluate what we do for a living and just how precarious our job security may be. Are you thinking of making the change? Here are some of the best careers worth going back to school for.

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