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Ann’s Final Thoughts: ‘I Just Didn’t Understand a Lot of Her Personality’

Ann’s Final Thoughts: ‘I Just Didn’t Understand a Lot of Her Personality’


Armed with a killer sense of humour, this business woman and mother of eight showed us all what it’s really like to have it all…

Ann on Season One

Q: What’s it been like watching this season back?

A: It’s like I’m watching a story. It’s a story that I know, but I didn’t know all the pieces. I find it fascinating to piece it all together and be like “so that’s what happened!” I wasn’t aware of the scenes that I wasn’t in, and a lot of things made sense as I watched the show [back]. The characters are very, very true to who we are. So that was good.

Q: You were kind of the glue that held the women together this season. You threw the first party, you hosted the lunch to get everyone together, and then you were the big finale. Did you expect to be taking on that role?

A: I didn’t expect anything, I just went in it to be me. I didn’t expect to be the glue, but I was surprised. I’ve always thought I was very levelheaded, but we never know until we see ourselves. When you watch yourself on the show it’s like looking at yourself in the mirror and you’ve never looked at yourself that way before. It’s fascinating to see how you are when you’ve lived your life through rose coloured glasses.

Q: So what was the most surprising part about yourself?

A: I wasn’t really surprised. I really am me on the show. I was probably less quirky than I would be. What I was happy about though was that even when confronted, or faced with difficult situations, I was able to keep cool. But that’s just me in life; I have eight children, you have to be calm. I run a very, very big business, so you need to be logical and you need facts.

Ann’s Favourite Moments to Watch Back

A: Definitely the wedding, I cried. I [also] cried at the proposal with my husband because those were real moments. The wedding to me was so beautiful… it didn’t matter that cameras were around, that was my moment with him. It was wonderful.


[Then being with] the ladies and seeing those relationships develop – I enjoyed that. It was like seeing friendships grow…or not.

The Proposal

Q: What brought on the idea for a proposal?

A: There was a time where I learned that Stephen was not well. We knew within weeks that he would be fine – he’s absolutely fine and he would want me to reiterate that – but there was a time when we weren’t sure. It was probably one of the worst times in my life. If you don’t like your husband, what a great way to let him go, but I realized I really like my husband!

Q: Did you really recycle your diamonds for Stephen’s ring?

A: I took the diamonds from my first husband and thought “I’m never going to wear this ring again,” so why not take the diamond and turn it this new ring? What a better way to stick it to your first husband than to take the ring he gave you and give it to your next husband. What a brilliant way to finally, finally get some money out of my first husband.

The Wedding

A: The wedding was planned in a very short period of time. Probably just over six weeks. We had 60 performers at that wedding and the rings were delivered by three people who came down from the ceiling on strings. There were clowns, and the walking dead preceded me down the aisle, and there was a lot they didn’t show on the show. It was a true circus and in total there were around 400 people there. It was truly over the top.

On Kara This Season

Q: What was it like being in the middle of Kara vs Everyone this season?


A: I really do, and did, like Kara – and that was sincere. I just didn’t understand a lot of her personality. There was a moment at the White Party where she looked at me and said “Ann help me,” and I’m looking at her like “I can’t fight your battle.” I’m not going to stick up for you [if] I’m not even there for the stuff you’re doing. I’m not going to step in and say that Kara’s telling the truth. I felt at that moment that she might’ve pulled me on her team so I would be her ally.

Q: There’s a scene in the final episode where it looks like you’re really trying to break through to Kara. What do you think was the issue where she just couldn’t connect with the other women?

A: It’s almost as if she has some book that she’s read telling her how somebody should behave, and if you do all these steps and check them off, then you have a friend. Life doesn’t work like that. People want to like people. She had many, many opportunities where she could have gone back and said “hey, my behavior was not good” or “I realize I overjudged you.”

Q: What about the drama that came out of Kara’s dinner in Muskoka?

A: Everybody drinks at dinner and sometimes people overdrink, including me. I would not want to be judged at somebody’s home for drinking too much. It’s unfortunate that Joan got it in her face even after admitting that she drank too much.

It was very much an overreaction, but [it was] very much that Kara took it too far by making further accusations which were unfounded. And that, I didn’t understand. They were not true, I was sitting there and that didn’t happen.


Q: Do you still keep in touch with Kara?

A: We texted before the show came out. She was feeling…not good about things that she had seen in trailers. I said “do you want to get together – do you need a hug?” And I didn’t hear back from her.

Q: Do you think you or the other ladies could reconcile with Kara?

A: Oh absolutely. I would not have an issue. I would definitely confront her with some of the things that she’s done.

I have friends that go back all the way to grade one. I can choose who I want to be friends with. When you’re on a show and interacting with five other women, you don’t really have a choice, so your real emotions are played out on the show. If I had known Kara in real life, I probably would’ve given her about two minutes of my time. I would never have been rude, I just wouldn’t have gotten to know her. She just isn’t somebody I would have had in my life.

Q: You posted a photo on Instagram from the white party and your caption was “people should tell the truth, or face the jury,” do you think Kara was caught in a lie?

A: Well you’ve seen the show. I think the show truly depicts that somebody wasn’t telling the truth. I think sometimes somebody will try to get out of untruths by creating a story – before you know it, they actually believe the story. Those things that [Kara] was yelling didn’t happen at all.

Her Relationship With the Other Women Now

Q: Do you all still keep in touch? Are you still great friends?


A: We are. We definitely get along very well. I very much like everyone and we do talk and have fun together.  Jana, Grego, Joan and I got together to watch the first episode, and we’ve all gotten together intermittently since then.

Ann on Her Fashion in Season One

Q: Looking back at your looks this season, did everything work out the way you wanted? Was there anything that made you cringe?

A: I wouldn’t wear something if I didn’t enjoy it. I’ve always tried to have my own look. I just love style and I don’t think somebody needs to spend a lot of money to have their own look. I deplore naming designers, and yet I wear all designer clothes. I do it on social media to raise awareness, but if you ask me normally, I don’t have a clue who I’m wearing. When I shop I don’t look for a particular designer, I look for something to catch my eye.

Is She Down For Season Two?

A: If they wanted me back, I would definitely do season two. I had so much fun.

Q: Would you do anything differently going into season two now that you have this experience?

A: I would probably feel a little more comfortable to give an immediate reaction and not hold back.

Ann’s Final Thoughts on the Season

A: It wasn’t shown, but in the scene where I went fishing with Kara, I bet her that I would catch a bigger fish. I really am into fishing and Kara was trying to show me how to fish. I [secretly] brought my own fish in my toolbox from the grocery store, and when Kara wasn’t looking, I put my gloves on and put the fish on my line. She did not like that. She went ballistic and kept saying “you did not catch that,” and I was like “well of course I didn’t catch that” it was huge! But it was probably, to me, the funniest moment in all of filming. She was not happy one bit [laughs].

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