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Alcohol Consumption is Less Popular for Gen Z: Studies

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Whether you enjoy grabbing a drink with friends or going out to parties, alcohol consumption has been a pretty big part of socializing for generations – but new studies suggest that its far less common among Gen Zers.

According to studies, alcohol consumption for people born between the late 1990s and early 2010s is on the decline, as Global News reports.

In fact, a Berenberg Research report details that Gen Z drinks 20 per cent less alcohol per capita than their Millennial counterparts, who already drink less than both Gen X and Baby Boomers. Another study, which comes from Australia’s University of New South Wales, found that 44 per cent of people aged 18 to 24 drink less alcohol than older generations.

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Why is alcohol on the decline for Gen Z?

There is definitely a big discrepancy between alcohol consumption among Gen Zers and older generations – but why, exactly, are Gen Zers drinking less?

A recent study suggested that drinking alcohol is harmful for people under 40, so Gen Z could be moving away from alcohol to benefit their health.

Clinical psychologist and harm reduction specialist Dr. Domique Marisano adds that, not only are Gen Zers more health-conscious, but they’ve also likely turned to other substances instead of alcohol, such as marijuana or psychedelic drugs.

“Recently with the rise of psychedelic therapies and discussions on psychedelics, I think there is a lot of curiosity among young people about mushrooms, about LSD, about different psychedelics that are out there,” Marisano says.

Global News also points out that the legalization of marijuana in conjunction with the jaw-dropping inflation rates, some people are deciding to leave alcohol behind.

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“Money has been an issue,” Marisano continues. “Inflation has been an issue, and alcohol is expensive, especially in Canada, so for young people, it’s hard to afford it right now.”


In the meantime, if you still want to enjoy a tasty cocktail without the expense or negative health consequences of alcohol, check out these non-alcoholic cocktails, selected by Canadian beverage experts, or try making this refreshing peach kombucha punch.

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