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9 Makeup Must-Haves, According to a Drag Queen


Drag is more than a performance of gender; it’s a journey of self-expression and art that dates back to 1800s when male actors would don petticoats to perform feminine roles in theatre, and were said to be”putting on their drags”. Now, thanks to the phenomenon of drag competition shows like Rupaul’s Drag Race, The Boulet Brothers’ Dragula and now our own northern treasure, Canada’s Drag Race, the drag scene has exploded – but there’s definitely more involved than throwing on a petticoat.

Greek-born, Montreal-based drag queen Pythia created her character drawing from the powerful feminine influences she saw and loved in anything from books and comics to movies and cartoons and has amalgamated them into one powerful and sickening queen.

It allows me to become the utmost powerful image of my imagination and combine all of my inspirations of art into one physical form named Pythia.

Read on to channel your inner Pythia and serve this fierce queen’s best face using nine beauty products that are essential to creating the transformation.

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Cerave Daily Moisturizing Lotion, $18.

Cerave Daily Moisturizing Lotion

After shaving, the first step to creating a drag looks is to create an even, well-moisturized base. Pythia loves Cerave’s Daily Moisturizing Lotion “to allow your makeup to lay on very smoothly and it just overall helps your skin stay a little healthier with the amount of makeup that you’ll wear.”

Foundation Base

Kryolan TV Paint Stick in White, $45.

Kryolan TV Paint Stick

Pythia uses this thick foundation paint to create a blank canvas for her drag makeup. In her tutorial, she uses a clown white to create her editorial club kid-inspired look. Remember to blend well and smooth out the foundation for a gorgeous, smooth finish.

Setting Powder

Ben Nye Clown White Powder, $7.


Ben Nye Cosmetics Super White Professional Powder
Camera Ready Cosmetics

To lock in the foundation and create a smooth matte finish, Pythia uses this cult classic beauty product to set her eyebrows and foundation.

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Blush, Contour and Eyeshadow

GiveFaceCosmetics Prismatic Palette, £17 GDP.

GiveFaceCosmetics Prismatic Palette
Give Face Cosmetics

A super pigmented eyeshadow palette is essential for any beauty lover, but will be especially valuable in a drag makeup toolkit. Pythia uses this high-impact eyeshadow palette to create her bold makeup look, using the purple shade for her contour and bright greens for her eye look.


GiveFaceCosmetics Visage Palette, £25 GDP.

GiveFaceCosmetics Visage Palette
Give Face Cosmetics

Pythia uses this highly pigmented highlight to add dimension to her face and catch the light (a must for performance makeup). “It’s very pretty and catches the light really nice and gives you more dimension. Add as little or as much as you want. There’s no rules in drag!”


Essence Superlast Eyeliner, $5.

Essence Superlast Eyeliner
Shoppers Drug Mart

Pythia likes starting with eyeliner, using it to her an idea of where the exaggerated drag eye will fall on the face (since drag makeup involves rearranging the proportions of your face to create exaggerated and often times more feminine proportions). Pythia uses this budget-friendly liner to create her over-the-top cat-eye look.

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Eye Gitter: Nyx Cosmetics Pigments in LUNA, $9.

Nyx Cosmetics Pigments in LUNA
Nyx Cosmetics

Pythia uses this green-reflecting white glitter to complement the green eyeshadow she uses in her GRWM makeup look. This micro-glitter from Nyx is perfect for adding an extra pop to dramatic eyes.


Sephora Collection Liquid Lipstick in Always Red, $19.


SEPHORA - Liquid Lipstick in Always Red

Pythia prefers an overdrawn clown lip to complete her drag look. “At the end of the day, this is stage makeup and you want it to be seen from pretty far in a very dark bar or theatre”. Pythia starts with a lipliner to draw out the lip shape and fills in with this long-staying liquid lipstick from Sephora.


GiveFaceCosmetics Working Gal 3D Theatrical Lashes, £8 GDP.

GiveFaceCosmetics Working Gal 3D Theatrical Lashes
Give Face Cosmetics

Pythia recommends applying mascara before false lashes to help blend real lashes to the falsies and coverup any makeup fallout the may have landed on your lashes. Pythia makes applying false eyelashes look easy (this is a seasoned queen, folks!). She has two simple tips to get a fuller eye look: first, apply slightly above your natural lash line and then push the lashes upwards as you apply for a doe-eyed look.

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