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8 New Ways to Make the Bridal Couple Kiss

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Wondering what kind of kissing game you should have at your wedding reception? Traditionally, guests bang their glasses or dishes to make the newlyweds kiss, but this is becoming less and less popular. Most venues actually prefer that guests do not hit their dishes. Not only can it cause damage to the dishware, but it can become an annoying sound to all the guests.

Try these new and cool kiss-the-bride ideas instead:

1. Make guests work for it through a hula hoop or ring toss.

2. Have guests sing a love song, tell a joke or story about the bride and groom to see them pucker up.

3. Go one step further and add games, like a putting contest, roulette wheel or twister.

4. Introduce balloons with a note inside. The guest must pop the balloon and follow the instructions that are inside (no matter how silly it may be!) to see a kiss.

5. Try leaving a donation box at the head table. Each time a guest wants you to kiss they can put some change in the charity box. What a nice idea to give back!

6. Chocolate lover? Place a bowl of Hershey kisses on each table and every time a guest brings a Hershey kiss your way, it’s time to kissand eat some chocolate!

7. Let the DJ get in on the action and have guests request a song. When he plays it, the bride/groom have to kiss. You can pre-set maracas, thunder sticks, whistles and when the guests start to use these that is the sign for the bride/groom kiss.

8. If this is too loud for you, have all the guests wave their napkins in the air. Work it out with the DJ and add a little music with the napkin waving to get the crowd pumped up.

There are endless options out there and if none of these interest you, try to create your own idea. It’s just another way to get your guests involved in the evening and have fun!


Diane Farquhar has been in the wedding industry for more than 20 years and has worked with hundreds of brides and currently holds a position at Ambassador Golf Club in Windsor, Ontario where she continues to make wedding dreams come true.  In 2010 she created the website, I Just Said Yes with the intention of sharing years of experience with brides everywhere.  She has developed a fan following across the world and her tips and advice have been featured on various websites.

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