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15 Expert Tips for a Divorce-Proof Marriage

Nothing in life is guaranteed, and when it comes to the promise of “forever after,” marriage is no exception. To get a pulse on just what it takes to keep a happy and healthy marriage in check, we sat down with relationship expert Tara Caffelle, who’s been in the coaching field since 2008. Tara uses simple and effective strategies to help couples elevate their relationships and connect in ways that will prove to be both lasting and transformative. Says Tara, “…there are things, simple things we can do, to stay connected and together. None of it is complicated or even the “work” we are told it takes to keep a relationship alive. Yes, there is effort, but doesn’t have to be hard.” To help you on your relationship journey, read on for Tara’s 15 tips to “divorce-proof” your marriage!
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