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11 Pearls of Wisdom Women Need to Know Before Travelling Alone

There are some people who are built for travelling, and there are others who are content keeping two feet firmly planted on familiar ground. And while the idea of women travelling on their own isn’t exactly new, they still get judged for travelling “unescorted.”

And while that statement in itself is maddening, there are some uncomfortable truths that need to be faced while you explore your wanderlust all by yourself. Strangers will wonder why you’re not with a partner or friends, you might be subjected to unwanted attention and most irksome, fellow travellers will label you as lonely. Don’t let the assumptions get you down.

A solo adventure is all about learning more about yourself and finding just what you’re capable of. And while that’s nothing to fear, there are some things that should have you keeping your guard up. Here’s what you need to know to give yourself some peace of mind while globetrotting.

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